2020 Clermont County 4-H Achievement Awards!

The 4-H Clover Award is an award to recognize 4-H members, for his/her involvement in the Clermont County 4-H Program. Members earn points for their participation in 4-H club, county, district, state, national and international events and activities throughout the year.

We would like to recognize and congratulate the following 2020 Clermont County 4-H Clover Award Recipients:



We would also like to recognize the 2020 Clermont County 4-H Honor Clubs. The Honor Club program is not a competition between 4-H clubs, but a standard of excellence for all clubs to achieve. Clubs must document activities from the past year and meet 13 requirements that are mandatory. Additionally, clubs must meet 15 of the 32 requirements that are not mandatory and submit an application and supporting documentation. It was extremely difficult to meet the requirements this year do to COVID restrictions; we commend the three clubs that were able to do so.

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