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February 12, 2020

For Immediate Release: Online and In-Person Paraquat Training

NPSEC is pleased to announce the revised online Paraquat training and the newly developed in-person Paraquat training resources are now available!

Online Paraquat Training: The revised online training for Paraquat is now available at the address printed on all Paraquat product labels – This URL will redirect the user to the eXtension Campus online platform where they can register and take the online training and required quiz. This is the same URL and platform that has been used since the inception of this training dating back to April 2019. The online training has had technical revisions and is now in a new engaging and interactive format. The training homepage on the eXtension Campus site has instructions for creating an account to access the online training. Once enrolled, a tutorial is available to help explain how best to navigate the new interactive training. Note: Those handlers and applicators who have already completed the original online training are not required to complete the new online training until their three-year training cycle has expired.

In-Person Paraquat Training Resources: A stakeholder group that included PSEPs, SLAs, industry and EPA has been meeting for several months now to review the online revisions and recommend other Paraquat training resources. This group identified the need to develop in-person training resources for face-to-face group training. These resources are now available at Resources include a Trainer Agreement, a sign-in sheet for trainees, a narrated PowerPoint, the required quiz and answer key, and blank certificates for trainers to issue to trainees who successfully complete the training and quiz. The in-person PowerPoint contains the same content as the online training. The PowerPoint slides can be copied in black and white for in-person delivery without using technology to meet the needs of Anabaptist and other Plain People.

It was the consensus of stakeholders to have NPSEC be the single point of contact for EPA review of all training resources. It was also the decision of these stakeholders to have NPSEC maintain the national database for both online and in-person training.

Spanish-Language Training Resources: Spanish language training resources are currently in the process of being developed by a volunteer group of stakeholders. Once complete, these resources will be available on the NPSEC Paraquat website listed above. It is anticipated that most of the Spanish-language resources will be available within 30 days.

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