Egg-citing Adventure

What can we learn from a chick? Find out with ChickQuest, a Science Alive 4-H School Enrichment program that challenges youth to use science, technology, engineering, and math skills to investigate the life cycle of an embryonic chicken egg. From monitoring living eggs to observing fluffy chicks, students use a logbook to record data and observations.  These lively activities pique curiosity, encourage collaboration and communication, and provide young scientists with unforgettable experiences.

This 21-day STEM classroom adventure starts with eggs and ends with chicks. ChickQuest challenges youth to investigate the life cycle of an embryonic chicken egg.  While watching eggs in the incubator and waiting for them to hatch, students learn about habitats, life cycles, structure and function, classification and a lot of careers.  Students are the scientists who help make it happen!

Meadowview (Milford) and St Louis (Owensville) Elementary begin their “Egg-citing Adventure” in April.  If your school is interested in making ChickQuest part of your curriculum, contact Brandy Uhlenbrock at 513-732-7070 or email



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