OSU Extension: Request for Assistance in Collecting Data, Ohio Farm Custom Rate Survey-2018

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Ohio Farm Custom Work Provider/Client,

We need your assistance in securing up-to-date information about farm custom work rates and machinery rental rates in Ohio. This information is updated every-other year and published by OSU Extension.  It is widely used across the state, so we need the best information available. Click here for a paper copy to print of the Ohio Farm Custom Rate Survey for 2018 or use the links below for an online option. Please provide rates that are current including the latest price increases or planned increases.

An online option for this survey is available at: OhioFarmCustomRatesSurvey2018 or: https://osu.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cJa90YBYdWOa6DX

We would ask you to please respond even if you know only have a few operations with data.  We want information on actual rates, either what you paid to hire work or what you charged to perform custom work.

Deadline for Surveys to be returned: March 31st, 2018

Further instructions on select sections:

Silage Harvest (Pg.2, Middle of 1st Column) Please circle what type of storage that is used:

  1. Upright, 2. Bunker or 3. Silage Bag.

Baling – Large Bale or Stack (Page 2, 2nd Column) Please circle what type of bale or stack you are completing the section for. 1. Large Round Bale – Approx. #1500, 2. Large Round Bale – Approx. #600-1000, 3. Large Square Bale, 4. Stack

Drainage Installation (Page 3, Top of 1st Column) Please circle what type of Installation Method is being used: 1. Ditching Machine, 2. Drainage Plow.

If you need further assistance, please contact the office at 513-732-7070 or neal.331@osu.edu.

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