Penny Church and Pam Burns were honored by the Clermont County League of Women’s Voters as honorees for the Orpha Gatch Citizenship Award.  Penny and Pam were recognized for outstanding service to our community through leadership in volunteer activities.  We are grateful for their time and leadership as coordinators of the Clermont County Junior Fair Board. Thank you, ladies and congratulations!

Pam and Penny are the coordinators of the Clermont County Junior Fair Board, a group of about 75 high school students from across the county who make the junior portion of the fair happen.  Together they make sure the kids have a great time, while teaching them respect and to work hard to achieve their goals.  Pam and Penny always try to go above and beyond to make the programs they participate in a success.  They want 4-H and Junior Fair Board to be a positive experience for all kids involved.  Throughout the years, there have been many changes to the programs, but they say they have worked with a great bunch of kids and adults.

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