2017 4-H Committee State Camp/Trip Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to our State Camp/Trip Scholarship Recipients.  And, a big thanks to 4-H Committee for providing generous scholarships to make these experiences feasible for our 4-H youth.



Citizenship Washington Focus      

  • Elsie Bezold
  • Anna Francis


Leadership Washington Focus

  • Molly Novak
  • Becky Novak


Ohio Forestry Camp

  • Gabriella Bottomley
  • Lauren Pride


Sea Camp

  • Julianna Bottomley
  • Kate Novak
  • Louie Novak


Carving New Ideas

  • Jordan Schmidt


Jr. Shooting Sports Camp

  • Philip Bottomley
  • Abram Cowdrey
  • Nora Cowdrey
  • Grace Pride


Buckeye Leadership Workshop

  • Mikaya Esz
  • Sarah Francis
  • Alexis Parks


Ohio 4-H Leadership Camp

  • Claire Kenner


Space Adventure Camp

  • Iszzy Rios
  • Don Souders
  • Luke Uhlenbrock

One thought on “2017 4-H Committee State Camp/Trip Scholarship Recipients

  1. Thank you, 4H Committee. My kids are over-the-moon excited to attend their camps this summer. They learn so much at these camps and have continued friendships with the other 4Hers they have met and with whom they share similar passions and interests. Invaluable experiences.

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