Communicating Our Impact

We spend days and weeks (and sometimes months) identifying the ideal program date, location, and agenda topics. An equal amount of time is spent scouring the research and assembling the pieces that will address those key learning objectives.

We work with others to assemble an event and when the day finally arrives we hope for the best when our program plan is set into motion. At this point, the countless hours on the phone, sending and scanning email, and sitting in meetings in preparation for this event become but a distant memory.

And ideally, our efforts have attracted enthusiastic and engaged participants and we’ve handled the few minor unforeseen issues with the utmost grace. Thoughtful questions are posed and immediate feedback is positive. At this moment (and during our drive home), we are again reminded how much we enjoy Extension work.

2015 CD HighlightsBut this program’s efforts don’t end here. Narrating our efforts is a key part of Extension work and so too, is communicating them widely. As such, I am pleased to share with you a snapshot of key engagements in the 2015 Highlights. Here you will find individual narratives involving Community Development program partners in Ohio and beyond, including:

  • Businesses such as charter boat captains, marina owners/operators, ag producers, manufacturers, etc. and,
  • Organizations such as state agencies and associations, chambers of commerce, community improvement corporations, food councils, etc. and,
  • Political subdivisions such as townships, villages, cities, counties, school districts, health districts, etc.

I hope you enjoy them. If you have questions or thoughts on how to partner, please let us know.

(Submitted by Greg Davis, Professor & Assistant Director, OSU Extension – Community Development)