Develop Future Public Leaders with Local Government Leadership Academy

Wyandot Leadership Academy 2014 Blog Post #1

Strong communities are led by talented and passionate residents. Take these folks and teach them about issues, requirements and expectations associated with public office and now you have individuals better qualified to serve in local government. What community doesn’t want a deep pool of potential local leaders? Strengthen your local community by strengthening its local leadership via the Local Government Leadership Academy. The course is designed for individuals who currently are or aspire to be public officials and has been used by state-level organizations such as the Ohio Township Association for more than the past ten years. Click here to read more about curriculum topics, getting a Local Government Leadership Academy started in your community and the newest group of graduates in Wyandot County!

(Submitted by Joe Lucente, Assistant Professor and Extension Educator, Ohio Sea Grant Program and Greg Moon, County Extension Educator, Wyandot County)