Boost Local Economy with Ohio Business Retention & Expansion Program

BRnE Downtown BusinessInterested in giving a boost to your local economy with new jobs and investment? Learning what you can do to help the existing businesses in your community is one key place to start. To help you learn more about them consider becoming a partner in the Ohio Business Retention and Expansion (BR&E) program. As one of Ohio State University Extension’s Signature Programs, BR&E engages community stakeholders in a formal dialogue to empower local officials and the community at large to act on community and economic development issues of strategic importance. As a program partner you will learn how to systematically gather and interpret information that is critical to understanding local community and economic development needs. To learn more about BR&E as well as the communities with whom we’ve partnered and their success stories, click here.

(Submitted by David Civittolo, Associate Professor & Extension Field Specialist, Community Economics)