The USDA and Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Grants – Seeding Innovation

In 1982 the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Development program was established by Congress to provide seed capital for research and development through 11 Government Agencies. For profit companies with less than 500 employees that are majority owned by US Citizens or permanent resident aliens are invited to submit proposals for a chance at funding […]

NACDEP 2018 Conference- That’s a wrap!

What started out as a casual conversation among friends in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the 2014 NACDEP Conference recently culminated with over 180 Community Development professionals gathering in Cleveland for the 2018 NACDEP Conference. The carefully planned and executed agenda allowed time for participants to enjoy Cleveland, renew old friendships, make new connections, and most […]

Small Business Innovation Research – New Initiative to Launch in Ohio!

Did you know that nearly half (46%) of Ohio’s workforce is employed by small business enterprises? According to the Small Business Administration, Ohio is home to 927,691 small businesses, roughly 80% of all business in Ohio. In 2018 I will be working with other Extension professionals from across the United States to bring the Small […]

13 Tips to be a Motivational Leader

Feeling valued and that your work contributions make a difference are two key factors in job satisfaction. What can we do to help colleagues feel motivated about their work? With workforce an issue around the globe and employers struggling to engage star employees, here are 13 tips to be a motivational leader: Create a fair and […]

Everybody has a story

Everybody has a story. We are all raised somehow, somewhere, by somebody. We are influenced, and we have experiences – good and bad – that shape us. At the end of our lives we leave a footprint, a legacy. Some legacies endure for eternity such as Socrates, Aristotle, DaVinci, and maybe our own George Washington. […]

Meet the CD Staff

OSU Extension Community Development professionals co-create solutions with communities and neighborhoods by educating and engaging businesses, organizations, associations, committees, current and emerging community leaders and elected and appointed officials. Through these partnerships we apply cutting-edge, science-based knowledge and innovations to help improve local businesses and communities. The national Extension network enables us to share perspectives with […]