What is Ohio Sea Grant?

For more than 30 years, Ohio Sea Grant (OHSG) has employed a strong combination of research, education and outreach in partnership with academia, governmental agencies and the private sector to address the most important environmental and economic issues affecting Lake Erie and the surrounding watershed.

Finding Solutions through Research

Sea Grant Research 2016-01-21

OHSG aims to solve the critical issues facing Lake Erie with research, and also funds scientists from throughout the region. Many of these scientists take advantage of research facilities at OHSG’s Stone Laboratory. Current research focuses on harmful algal blooms, phosphorus loading, and restoring native wetlands, for example.

Learn more about our research at ohioseagrant.osu.edu/research.

Training Tomorrow’s Workforce and Scientists

Sea Grant Stone Lab 2016-01-21

Stone Laboratory is the Ohio State University’s island campus and a key educational facility for OHSG. Established in 1895, it is the oldest freshwater biological field station in the United States. Stone Lab offers around 25 college courses each summer to undergraduate and graduate students, advanced high school students, and educators. In addition, as many as 6,000 students in grades 4 – 12 and other groups take part in Stone Laboratory’s Lake Erie Field Trip Program annually.

Learn more about Stone Lab by visiting stonelab.osu.edu.

Assisting Citizens, Communities, Industries, and Decision Makers

OHSG encourages better understanding, conservation, and use of Lake Erie resources. Spanning Ohio’s Lake Erie shoreline, five OHSG Extension Educators apply their research and expertise to develop and deliver programs for a healthy environment and economy. Sometimes this involves one-on-one interaction such as answering questions about Lake Erie at a trade show, the Aquatic Visitors Center, or on the Lake Erie Discussion Board. Other times, it’s about training elected officials about Lake Erie issues so they can make informed decisions that impact all of us.

Sea Grant 2016-01-21

Whether you’re a resident of the Lake Erie watershed, a Lake Erie enthusiast, or just want to learn more about Ohio’s greatest natural resource, please contact us at Ohio Sea Grant! You can check out our calendar of events, or follow us on social media (Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram). We look forward to hearing from you!

(Submitted by Tory Gabriel, Extension Program Leader and Fisheries Outreach Coordinator for Ohio Sea Grant)

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