Tourism Toolbox to Help Your Outreach

Tourism is one of the fastest growing industry sectors in Ohio, growing two times faster than the overall employment in the state. In 2014, the industry produced $40 billion in business activity, accounting for $11.4 billion in personal income and almost 9% of jobs in Ohio (Tourism Economics).

Tourism Toolbox 2015-09-24The Tourism Toolbox website was developed in 2009 by the Ohio Tourism Team, a public/private partnership involving OSU Extension, the Ohio Sea Grant Program and other partners including the Ohio Travel Association (OTA), for researchers, organizations and businesses interested in learning more about the industry.

The site serves as a one-stop resource for starting a tourism-related business, creating a community plan, tracking industry trends, or accessing current resources, among other topics and reports. For example, a new report addressing the Ohio tourism industry’s core competencies, training needs and delivery preferences, Ohio Tourism Industry Needs Assessment 2014 Report, is now available on the site.

The site was recently updated and content was transferred to the Extension Community Development site, currently accessible at:

(Submitted by Nancy Bowen, Associate Professor & Extension Field Specialist, Community Economics)

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