2014 Highlights . . . a sampling of our efforts

2014 CD HighlightsExtension’s Community Development programs aim to engage people in strengthening their organizations, communities and ultimately social, economic, civic and environmental conditions to improve the quality of life in Ohio. A sampling of these efforts is captured in the recently published 2014 Highlights.

We hope these highlights help you better understand how Extension-CD professionals partner to strengthen lives and communities through research-based educational programming and encourage you to contact us if you are aware of additional opportunities to partner or have specific questions about the efforts described.

Extension Community Development . . .

  • Brings people, organizations and communities together to accomplish their goals
  • Helps identify assets, capabilities, needs, resources and solutions
  • Partners in the delivery of research-based programs and services to organizations and communities

What do you get when you partner with Extension CD?

  • Skilled and engaged leaders
  • Transformation, sustainability and livability
  • Greater vitality and more defined sense of purpose

(Submitted by Greg Davis, Professor and Assistant Director, OSU Extension – Community Development)

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