National eXtension Local Foods Team coming to Cleveland this Fall

Food Security

(Photo credit: post 12/04/13)

Of the 264 members of the eXtension Community, Local and Regional Food Systems CoP (Community of Practice), 22 are OSU Extension colleagues (including some Master Gardeners). Though we’ve not made the official announcement yet, our USDA AFRI Conference grant of $50,000 has just been approved.

The project is entitled: Building Extension Capacity to Address Community Food Security through Food Systems. In brief, we’ll be hosting a food security conference this fall in Cleveland. Their urban farming, community redevelopment and food security efforts are recognized exemplars across the nation. Folks are very excited about visiting here! Click here for details of the project.

(Submitted by Brian Raison, Assistant Professor and County Extension Educator, Miami County & Top of Ohio EERA)

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