Lazarus Building

My favorite IMG_4065place we visited was the Lazarus building. I really liked learning the history of the building being a large department store and then eventually converting to what it is today. I think it was really cool how the open middle that was a once a road was covered to create more light to the inner offices. It was interesting how they turned a large old building into a sustainable office building. Not only was there the roof garden that basically took care of itself, but there was also other aspects that made it a sustainable building. There was cork trim around the edges of the walls as well as the water tower on the roof that controlled all the water of the building. My favorite part of the building was being ableIMG_4068 to go onto the roof garden and seeing exactly how they used rain water in the building. Overall, the Lazarus building was a really interesting building with so many aspects that I would never have known about or ever learned had I not gone on the tour in this class.