My Favorite Experience

My favorite experience of the Explore Columbus class was the bus tour of Upper Arlington, Clintonville, Rush Creek, Long Street Cap, and Bexley. I especially enjoyed driving through Rush Creek. I’m very interested in residential architecture and  I had no idea that such unique architecture existed so close to where I live. I could see how the architecture was influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs based on his residential designs I’ve experienced like Fallingwater, his home and studio among other homes in Oak Park in Chicago, and the Westcott house in Springfield, Ohio. I loved how the houses flowed with the landscape rather than dominating it; it was refreshing to see such a different take on what is typically a cookie cutter suburban neighborhood. My sister lived in Clintonville for two years so it was interesting learning more about an area that I’ve spent a lot of time in. I drive down N. Broadway a lot and always thought it was a cute street, but it was nice to be able to take some time to really survey the differences between the homes such as size and materiality. I have seen gigantic homes in Powell, but never knew homes of such massive size existed in Bexley. Seeing the president’s home was an unexpected adventure.Screenshot_2015-12-11-09-38-32