Favorite Site

My favorite experience for the class was visiting the Discovery District on the two tours we went on. I enjoyed the Discovery District because we got to see many cool sites there. I liked seeing the Columbus College of Art and Design, the Topiary Park, the new addition of the Columbus Museum of Art. I thought the topiary park was a real hidden gem because I have never heard of it before, and it is a very nice park to go and walk around that is close to a lot of things in Columbus, such as the Columbus Museum of Art, and The library. I also enjoyed seeing the houses a long Gay St. I thought that was a cool pocket of town that had very nice landscaping, and the architecture of the homes were beautiful. Also on the 1st Discovery District tour I enjoyed seeing the flatiron building. It was so thin, and I was amazed by how thin a building could actually be. That is why the Discovery District tours were my favorite tours.