Favorite Place

My favorite tour for Explore Columbus was the bus tour around the residential areas. We toured Upper Arlington, Clintonville, Rush Creek, Long Street, and Bexley. We saw many houses that were architecturally significant throughout Upper Arlington, Clintonville, Long Street, and Bexley. Several of the houses we saw contained courtyards, allowing the viewer to see through to the other side of the house. On Long Street we toured the ravine. Several of the houses utilized the ravine to hold structure. We went to Bexley to see Franklin Conservatory. While driving, we saw The Ohio State University President’s house, which was very beautiful and breathtaking. Capital University is also located in Bexley. We drove past Capital and were able to see their sports stadium, along with many of the important university buildings. Along the entire tour, Aimee comentated about each house and building along the way. We were able to learn a lot from this bus tour.