The Expanding Repertoires project brings together several organizations that are committed to early childhood learning, dual language learners, and/or the teaching and learning of science in various environments.

Seven museums in addition to COSI are partners in the project. They participate in the quarterly virtual meet-ups and 2-day in-person convening, bringing their expertise and experience in doing innovative work with community and school partners in early childhood science education for linguistically diverse communities.

We are also partnering with two professional organizations:

 In Central Ohio, COSI and OSU are working with local early childhood education providers:

The Board of Advisors to the project includes:

  • Martha Allexsaht-Snider, Associate Professor of Elementary Education, University of Georgia
  • Victoria Garvin, Senior Director of Professional Development, ACM
  • Margaret Glass, Director of Professional Development, ASTC
  • Laura Huerta Migus, Executive Director, ACM
  • Kimberlee Kiehl, Executive Director, Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center

In addition, we have a Committee of Visitors:

  • Cecilia Garibay of the Garibay Group
  • Maureen Callanan, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Lisa Lopez, University of South Florida


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