LII Contributors


Shawn Roll, PhD
Associate Professor-tenure track USC

Shawn C. Roll, PhD, OTR/L, RMSK-S, FAOTA, FAIUM –Associate Professor, tenure track, was a founding member of the LII.  Dr. Roll was a PhD student when the lab opened and has been a long term contributor to the many ongoing research projects at OSU.  Dr. Roll is current serving as the co-PI for the survey research being conducted on the work-related musculoskeletal injuries.  Dr. Roll will be working closely with Drs. Evans and Sommerich to develop a national database for sonographers and sonologists health and well-being.  Dr. Roll received his OT-BS, MS, and PhD degrees at The Ohio State University.


Carolyn Sommerich, PhD, CPE

Carolyn M. Sommerich, PhD, CPE, FHFES -Associate Professor, tenure track, has been a long term collaborator and has been highly involved in several of our research projects.  As a Certified Professional Ergonomist, her expertise is highly valued in our lab. Dr. Sommerich has been funded multiple times by CDC-NIOSH and currently she serves as a grant reviewer for CDC-NIOSH.


Amrik S. Khalsa, MD

Amrik Khalsa, MD is an assistant professor of pediatrics at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and The Ohio State University. He is a Principal Investigator at the Center for Innovations in Pediatric Practice at the Abigail Wexner Research Institute. As a dual trained, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics physician, he sees and precepts residents at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital South High Primary Care Clinic. He joined Nationwide Children’s Hospital in the fall of 2018. As a Principal Investigator, Dr. Khalsa’s research interests lie in obesity prevention, with a particular focus in early childhood (birth – age 5 yrs) and families from disadvantaged backgrounds. Some of his prior work has included understanding parent’s role in shaping infant and early childhood feeding practices and how this affects infant growth trajectories including obesity. Some of his current work continues to examine the role of parenting and parental influences on their child’s risk of obesity including early food introduction. He is currently designing projects that will examine modifiable targets of parental behaviors to delay the onset of obesity in early childhood.


Namal Liyanage, PhD
Assistant Professor

Namal Liyanage, PhD received his postdoctoral training with Dr. Genoveffa Franchini at the National Institutes of Health and followed by a research fellow position in the laboratory of Immune Biology and Retroviral section under Dr. Marjorie Robert-Guroff in the Vaccine Branch at NCI.  Dr. Liyanage obtained his undergraduate degree at the Medical School at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka, and his graduate studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Dr. Liyanage is a collaborator within the OSU Department of Microbial Infection and Immunity.  Dr. Liyanage is highly involved in our lab’s pursuit of assessing COVID survivors.

Naturally we continue to collaborate with our graduates, Nicole Stigall-Weikle, PhD, RDMS, RVT and Isaiah Bloom, BS.  Isaiah will continue to be providing remote support to the lab for the MediView LLC, Augmented Reality product research.

Isaiah W. Bloom, UG Researcher

Isaiah W. Bloom, BS M1 Medical Student at Dartmouth School of Medicine