NCH Pulmonary Clinic partnering with LII to examine pediatric COVID survivors

We are actively recruiting families from the Nationwide Children’s Pulmonary clinic to participate in our study of pediatric COVID suriviors.  The LII team will be hosting imaging and blood sampling sessions on Saturday, July 9, 16,23, and 30.  Pediatric COVID survivors will be providing images of the lungs, heart, and kidneys and a blood sample.  They will also provide responses to the EuroQual survey for self-rated health.  We also hope to offer a free MRI of the heart to our participants.   We also have hired Chad Beal, BS, RT(R) (N) (CT), NMTSB, an OSU NP student to assist with blood draws.  All our samples will be processed by Manuja Gunasena, MS in the BRT.