Weikle, Bloom, Brady, Yang, and Evans win Gottesfeld Award for Scientific Writing!!

Front row: Jade Yang, Austin Brady, Nicole Weikle Back row: Isaiah Bloom and Kevin Evans

The Kenneth R. Gottesfeld Award  is presented annually in memory of Kenneth R. Gottesfeld, MD, a founding father in obstetrical sonography.  This year our team, of A. Nicole Stigall-Weikle, Isaiah Bloom, Jade Yang, and Kevin Evans, were selected for this honor based on the committee selecting the paper titled: Sonographic Cardiovascular Assessment of the Aorta: Pilot of a Modified Image Grading System.  This award will be presented at the SDMS Annual Conference in Atlanta, GA.  This team of researchers collected this data at a family practice clinic during the mid-portion of the COVID pandemic.  This team rocks the world!!!