LII partners with Drs. Kopp and Lee at NCH to address pediatric COVID survivors

The Laboratory of Investigatory Imaging staff are working on a partnership with Nationwide Children’s Hospital to provide diagnostic testing for pediatric patients attending a NCH pulmonary clinic.  These participants are coming to the clinic with lingering symptoms attributed to “long haul COVID”.   Drs. Evans and Liyanage will be partnering with Dr. Benjamin Kopp, PI of the Center for Microbial Pathogenesis and Co-Director for Cure CF Columbus Immune Care.  This partnership for research into diagnostics will provide proper surveillance of COVID survivors, ages 12-15 years of age.  We are also talking with Dr. Simon Lee in the Heart Center of NCH.  Dr. Lee is an expert cardiologist who has been looking at the utility of MRI to detect subtle changes in the RV of COVID survivors.   We believe our combined efforts will determine the best course of action for these participants and translate to care for the growing number of COVID survivors.