Shonk joins the research team to investigate pediatric COVID survivors!

Andrew Shonk, MRT, RRT, RRT-NPS Education Respiratory Specialist Respiratory Care – Nationwide Children’s Hospital

We are so excited to add Andrew Shonk, MRT, RRT, RRT-NPS to our team as we continue to plan a research project to address pediatric COVID-19 survivors.  Andrew graduated in the first cohort of OSU’s  Master of Respiratory Care, Advanced Practice.  Andrew focused on the use of lung sonography and felt strongly this diagnostic technique could be helpful in his practice, at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.  We look forward to having Andrew work along side our investigators to assess 12-15 year old COVID survivors.  The plan is to add sonography, biomarkers, and cardiac MRI to our study of pediatric patients, who attend a pulmonary clinic.  Andrew will be working closely with Dr. Evans and Huriah Al Sultan, MS, RRT, RRT-NPS.