MRT students continue to add sonography skills to their diagnostic tool box!

Next class of Masters Respiratory Therapists complete cardio-lung sonography training.

This week the next class of OSU Masters of Respiratory Therapy students completed their training in point of care ultrasound (POCUS).  Dr. Evans lead the class through a series of discussions and hands on training to use sonography to check the heart and lungs of potential patients.  This is the second cohort of MRT students to complete this training and these seven MS students seem very excited to gain more experience with their novice skill set.

As we welcome our newest PhD student who is also a Respiratory Therapist, the hope is that we will recruit a new MRT student to work in our clinics and labs.  We miss Mindy Conklin, at 2021 OSU MRT graduate and hope to pick up a skilled student to fill her spot in the lab.

Evans selected for the SDMS Distinguished Educator Award 2021

SDMS Distinguished Educator Award

The SDMS Distinguished Educator Award was established to honor exceptional educators in the field of diagnostic medical sonography. This award is given annually to an educator who is nominated by their peers for their dedication to teaching, innovation in education, and ongoing support of students through mentorship, research, and volunteerism. This year, Dr. Evans has been selected by the Board of Directors to receive this honor.  The SDMS Distinguished Educator Award was instituted during Dr. Evans term as President of SDMS in 2002 so this is award has come full circle to be awarded to him.  Dr. Evans was nominated and supported by our faculty and graduates to be selected for this national honor and it will be given at the SDMS Annual Meeting in Denver, CO.  Dr. Evans has been a full time academic educator since 2003 so this caps his 18 years of teaching sonography.  Dr. Evans founded the BS in Sonography at the University of Cincinnati and at Ohio State.

Isaiah completes the MCAT and scores in the 92 percentile!

Isaiah Bloom climbing in full outdoor gear.

Isaiah continues to amaze as he has been studying for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).  He recently took the admissions exam and scored in the 92 percentile!!  In 2021, the top medical schools reported an average MCAT score range of 515-520, which is in the 90th percentile or above.   We are so proud of the hard work and dedication that Isaiah has demonstrated and this is one of his crowning achievements. Mountaineering is also a huge passion for Isaiah and is a great stress reliever.  Isaiah is hoping to use this “gap year” to not only interview at a variety of medical schools but also to do some major mountain climbing.  These pictures provided are from a recent trip to New Hampshire where Isaiah’s team climbed to some amazing vistas.  We know that scaling a mountain is a suitable metaphor for the tasks that lie ahead for Isaiah.  We know that he will be equally successful as climbing to the top of this breathtaking view of the White Mountains. Isaiah is working full time, post-graduation as a Research Technician I.  Isaiah is working with Dr. Evans in the ADA funded Garden Study and the point person for the funded Grand Challenge -survey for sonographers, vascular technologists, and physicians health and wellness. 


Graduation at The Ohio State University 2021!

Isaiah W. Bloom, BS -2021 Graduate of The Ohio State University

Although it was rainy and gloomy, the university conferred degrees on all its graduates for the first time since the pandemic.  We are so proud of Isaiah, Jade, and all the Radiologic Sciences graduates of 2021.  The graduates of 2021 have demonstrated amazing resilience and tenacity to not only complete their academic programs but demonstrate excellence.  This year’s RST graduate all obtained Latin honors (the first time in our 50 year history!!).  This is a testament to our students and faculty who demonstrated that academic progress can not be stopped by those who aspired to excellence.  Kudos to all our 2021 graduates!!  Marie Curie, PhD -the scientist that established our professions said the following, “We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained.”  Our graduates embodied this ideal.

Dr. Evans awarded 2021 Excellence in UG Research Mentoring Award

Isaiah W. Bloom, BS and Kevin D. Evans, PhD -dynamic duo!

As part of the Denman Undergraduate Research forum, students can nominate their mentors for recognition.  This year, Isaiah Bloom nominated Dr. Evans and the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Expression chose him as the award winner.  Isaiah wrote a letter about his three years working with Dr. Evans and spoke highly of the support he had in gaining critical research skills such as the grant and IRB protocol writing.  Isaiah also stated the Dr. Evans was supporting his goal of becoming a physician!   This is the third time that Kevin has been nominated but this university wide award is indeed hard to win.  Certainly this speaks to the amazing chemistry that Bloom and Evans have in their work together.  Isaiah has accepted a position as a Research Assistant in the lab for 2021-22.  Isaiah will be applying to medical school in 2021 to start in 2022.

Tara Weaver, BS, RDMS Awarded HRS Award of Merit 2021

Tara Weaver, BS, RDMS, HRS 2021 Award of Merit recipient

It is a tremendous accomplishment that Tara Weaver, has been given the HRS Award of Merit.  The Award of Merit is to given by the School as an opportunity to honor graduating students who have contributed time and effort to furthering the goals of the University, the School, and their health professions. The award is bestowed annually on not more than 3% of the graduating senior class.. Tara has distinguished herself with her research grant that was funded on the use of sonography to assess residual COVID-19 disease, in outpatients as well as her academic performance.   Tara is credentialed by the ARDMS in OB/Gyn and Abdominal sonography.  Tara plans on taking her Vascular Technology board exam after graduation and working for the Ross Vascular lab.  Congratulations Tara!  Tara is graduating summa cum laude (3.9-4.0) and is a 2021 inductee to the alpha chapter of Lambda Nu honor society of radiologic sciences.  Tara has been an active undergraduate researcher in our lab.

Bloom earns Honors and Research Distinction at OSU!!!

Isaiah W. Bloom, BS with honors and distinction

Many undergraduates aspire to earn either honors or research distinction at Ohio State.  We are so proud to announce that Isaiah W. Bloom will be graduating with BOTH honors and research distinction  on May 9th.  Isaiah successfully defended his research thesis titled: Preventative health screening for women at risk for cardiovascular disease.  Isaiah will also be presenting his research findings at the Denman Undergraduate Research forum on Tuesday, 4/6/21.  Isaiah is graduating Summa Cum Laude (3.90-4.0) which is quite an achievement, given his degree is in Biological Sciences.  Isaiah will be accepting a full time position in May as a research technician and continuing his work while he applies to medical schools across the country.  Congrats IWB!!

Jade Yang earns her MPH degree at Ohio State!

Qian Jade Yang, MPH 2021 OSU Graduate, College of Public Health

Qian Jade Yang, successfully completed her oral and written defense and earned her MPH degree.  The exam was based on her capstone document titled: Outcome evaluation plan:  Measures of acceptability and effectiveness of POCUS training, for primary care/pediatric physicians, to diagnostically assess the carotid arteries.  This work exceeded expectations by working directly with Amrik Khalsa, MD (boarded in internal medicine and pediatrics) to assess the POCUS training for physicians, in his medical practice. Jade’s written document and oral presentations earned high marks from the professors conducting the exam.  This work has continued impact as it has become part of Dr. Khalsa’s NIH –K grant proposal.  It will also lead to extended qualitative research into the perceptions of parents and children who have had this carotid imaging assessment.  The training template and post-training assessment of the physician learners are all products that Jade would be glad to share as they are extensions of our earlier work with high-fidelity computer based simulation.  Congratulations Jade!!!!

Weikle selected for oral presentation at OSU 2021 Hayes Forum

Congratulations to Nicole Weikle, PhD candidate, who was selected, based on peer-review score, to give a presentation at the OSU 2021 Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum.   Nicole will be presenting her preliminary research results on pediatric assessment of cardiovascular risk.  The competitive 12 minute presentations will be further judged ,during the Zoom session for additional awards.  Nicole’s score qualified for an oral instead of a poster presentation.  Nicole’s ongoing research is the assessment of the IMT of the carotid arteries of 8-10 year old children.

Bloom awarded the OSU Outstanding Senior Award 2021!

Student Life Leadership Awards honoree Isaiah Bloom

The prestigious OSU Outstanding Senior Award has been bestowed on our own Isaiah W. Bloom.  This award is only given to those graduating seniors who have demonstrated extra-ordinary service activities to OSU and the surrounding community. The Outstanding Senior award is among the highest honors conferred to undergraduate student leaders. This award recognizes less than 1% of graduating seniors who excel in leadership, service, and scholarship throughout their tenure at Ohio State.  This award caps an amazing undergraduate tenure for Isaiah who graduates in May with his BS in Biological Sciences, honors and distinction.  Isaiah has a 3.89 GPA and has been studying very hard for the MCAT.  Isaiah’s plans are to apply to study Medicine and continue his research career.  Dr. Evans has hired Isaiah as a research assistant in the LII for the summer.  Dr. Evans and Isaiah have been working together for three years!