OSU selects LII for public health marketing!

Dr. Evans providing high and low fidelity sonography simulation training to OSU graduate students – Jade and Austin.

As the university works hard to demonstrate that education can be safely provided to OSU students, we were chosen for a photo shoot.  The image provided is of a scheduled simulation training session that we held in August for Austin Brady and Jade Yang.  Utilizing gloves, masks, and goggles allows us to continue our graduate student training activities.

We also want to thank OSU Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine for donating a complete ultrasound system for student training use.  This donation provides the lab with an added scanning station and 3D imaging capabilities.  Go Bucks!

Evans et. al to investigate CoV-19

The LII research team is preparing to take imaging data on patients who have contracted CoV-19.  Dr. Evans and Nicole Stigall-Weikle, MS are devising an imaging protocol for assessing patients with CoV-19, specifically for multi-organ shutdown due to this disease.  The team is using the imaging advise provided by colleagues in Hangzhou, P.R. China to assess the lungs and kidneys.   The imaging team will be supported by our image analysis team of Isaiah Bloom, Tara Weaver, and Austin Brady.

The OSU Division of Infectious Disease is very interested in teaming up with our researchers to assess both acute and chronic changes in patients who have contracted CoV-19.

Bloom awarded OSU College of Arts and Sciences Scholarship!

Isaiah W. Bloom OSU senior Biological Sciences Undergraduate Research Assistant

We never get tired of praising Isaiah W. Bloom who was just awarded another scholarship by the OSU College of Arts & Sciences.  This additional support was awarded based on academic achievement (4.0 spring semester) and ongoing research activities.  Isaiah is officially a senior this semester and begins his final year preparing for medical school.  Isaiah is heading into his senior year of undergraduate education preparing for the MCAT and completing his honors research thesis.  Dr. Evans has been his advisor and together they have been working on several research project beyond Isaiah’s specific project.

One of the more exciting projects that Evans & Bloom are exploring is the use of imaging to document COVID-19 bacteria’s inflammation and contribution to multi-organ shutdown.  They are planning to team up with Dr. Funderburg and OSU researchers to determine progressive inflammation and resulting organ failure.

Congratulations Isaiah on being awarded the OSU Student Alumni Scholarship 2020!

Isaiah W. Bloom, UG Researcher

Isaiah W. Bloom, UG Researcher Senior, Biological Sciences, Pre-Med

We are very grateful to the OSU Alumni Association for selecting Isaiah W. Bloom for the OSU Student Alumni Scholarship for 2020.  Isaiah has been working as a research assistant in our lab and is also an undergraduate researcher.  This is the end of the spring semester of Isaiah’s junior year and he has achieved a perfect 4.0.  Isaiah is working to complete his own independent research project on the incidence of cardiovascular disease in asymptomatic women 40-60 years of age.  This scholarship will be a financial boost for Isaiah as he starts his senior year and begins applying to Medical School.  Congratulations Isaiah on another highly successful academic year!!

This is the start of Isaiah’s third year working in the Laboratory for Investigatory Imaging.  Isaiah is highly involved in the ASRT funded research project for determining the risk of cardiovascular disease in asymptomatic patients.  He was also trained to use the Philips Lumify ultrasound hand-held unit to assess the abdominal aorta.  Isaiah has worked very hard to develop skills in point of care ultrasound to assess adults and pediatric patients, with suspected atherosclerotic disease.  We look forward to Isaiah’s budding medical career.

New COVID-19 Publication from Dr. Evans and physicians from Hangzhou College of Medicine.

Sonologist using the MGIUS-R3 remote ultrasound system to conduct an actual patient sonogram to determine whether suspected COVID-19 has produced pathologic changes in the lung tissue.

Dr. Evans and physicians from Hangzhou College of Medicine have authored a published paper on the use of lung sonography in the clinical management of COVID 2019.  It has a current Altmetric score of 12, has been downloaded 1,933 times, 24 tweets, and 44,309 followers, since its release on 4/21/20:   Evans, K. D., Yang, Q., Liu, Y., Ye, R., & Peng, C. (2020). Sonography of the Lungs: Diagnosis and Surveillance of Patients With COVID-19. Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography. View the article here!

Stigall-Weikle wins 2019 Kenneth R. Gottesfeld Award for Excellence in Writing!

A. Nicole Stigall-Weikle, MS, RDMS, RVT
Gottesfeld Winner 2019

Congratulations to A. Nicole Stigall-Weikle, MS, RDMS, RVT who has just been named a winner of the 2019 Kenneth R. Gottesfeld Award.  This award is given annually to the best published article for the year in the Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography.  Nicole’s article titled: “A Longitudinal Study to Assess Abdominal Adioposity by Sonography, DXA, and BMI.” has been selected by peer-reviewers as an award winner.

The Gottesfeld award is named for Kenneth R. Gottesfeld, MD, was first in the world to use ultrasound to discover multiple fetuses, fetal demise and diabetes during pregnancy. He published extensively on the subject and spoke at many ultrasound conferences.  This is a notable honor for Nicole to receive this award.

The winning articles are judged based on impact on the profession, study design and rigor, and innovation of thought by selected members of the JDMS Editorial Board.

Stigall-Weikle wins AIUM scholarship for doctoral studies

We are proud to announce that A. Nicole Stigall-Weikle, MS, RDMS, RVT has been awarded the AIUM scholarship. This scholarship program, is administered through AIUM’s Endowment for Education and Research (EER) and is funded by the American Registry for Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).  It awards only two (2) $500 scholarships per year.  The funds are to support sonographers and sonography/ultrasound students wishing to pursue additional educational opportunities and advance their professional career.  Nicole is a PhD student in the HRS PhD program and is preparing for her upcoming candidacy exam.  Congratulations Nicole!!

Collaborative use of hand-held sonography to assist parent/child in improving health


Qian “Jade” Yang sitting in the space designated for parents, within the exam room

We are very grateful to be invited by the Nationwide Children’s Hospital (NWCH) Research Group to execute a study in their South High clinic.  This clinic has a mission to serve parents and children in the south end of Columbus, Ohio.  Typically the patient mix is of a lower socioeconomic status and are a risk for metabolic disease.  This pilot project will be supervised by co-PIs Drs. Evans and Khalsa.  Dr. Khalsa is a board certified internal medicine physician and pediatrician, employed by NWCH.  Dr. Khalsa will be training with our lab staff to provide point of care ultrasound exams as part of his visit.  We will be adding 10 minutes to the regular exam, to allow our staff or Dr. Khalsa, to demonstrate the ultrasound image.  We believe this visualization of anatomy may help parents to contemplate a healthier lifestyle for their family.  Jade will also be working with the staff to complete a MPH project for her degree.  We look forward to using ultrasound in a new way as a teaching tool for health behavior change!

Chinese physicians use lung ultrasound to battle 2019-nCoV

Drs. Peng, Evans, and Liu together at the National Guest House in Hangzhou, China.

We are very encouraged to have received messages from our Chinese collaborators in Hangzhou and West China.  The physicians and nursing staff are working long hours to provide care for many patients afflicted with Wuhan coronavirus (2019-nCoV).  We received a wonderful communication from Dr. Peng that describes the aggressive use of lung sonography.  He is using sonography to document the extent of infection for patients, in the hospital and also those in need of diagnosis in rural hospitals.  Dr. Peng and Liu have been using automated lung sonography, to not only provide consistent imaging but also to protect health care workers, from contracting the virus.  We hope everyone will keep these valiant physicians in mind as they continue to battle 2019-nCoV.

Using hand held ultrasound in outpatient offices -2020!!

Austin Brady using the Philips Lumify ultrasound system.

Happy New Year!  Our lab is very excited about invitations to evaluate patients and teach physicians to use the Philips hand-held Lumify ultrasound system.  We will be working in the new year at Rardin Family Practice and also at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital outpatient office on South High street.  In all these locations we will do patient assessments with the Lumify hooked to a Galaxy notepad.  In the NWCH outpatient office we also hope to provide patients with some biofeedback about their anatomy and ways to make behavioral change in the new year.  These funded research studies will provide several graduate thesis and journal manuscripts.

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