Celebrating NRTW -Advancing our science and clinical application!

Happy National Radiologic Technology Week!  Our lab is celebrating this special week and beyond the discovery of x-radiation, we continue to seek discovery and clinical applications.  This year the theme is “aiming to heal” which is both focused on patients as well as our clinicians.

Welcome Pete Bradbury to the LII!!

Peter Bradbury, Biology/Pre-med junior

Please welcome Pete Bradbury to the Laboratory for Investigatory Imaging! Pete is an undergraduate student at The Ohio State University. He is a third year majoring in biology with a minor in music (jazz saxophone).  Pete’s  future career interest is to graduate from Ohio State and pursue a career in medicine as a physician. Pete will be working with Dr. Evans on the MediView project, as well as the articulated arm project secondarily.  We are all looking forward to working and learning new research skills alongside Pete!! Go Bucks!

NCH Pulmonary Clinic partnering with LII to examine pediatric COVID survivors

We are actively recruiting families from the Nationwide Children’s Pulmonary clinic to participate in our study of pediatric COVID suriviors.  The LII team will be hosting imaging and blood sampling sessions on Saturday, July 9, 16,23, and 30.  Pediatric COVID survivors will be providing images of the lungs, heart, and kidneys and a blood sample.  They will also provide responses to the EuroQual survey for self-rated health.  We also hope to offer a free MRI of the heart to our participants.   We also have hired Chad Beal, BS, RT(R) (N) (CT), NMTSB, an OSU NP student to assist with blood draws.  All our samples will be processed by Manuja Gunasena, MS in the BRT.

Weikle, Bloom, Brady, Yang, and Evans win Gottesfeld Award for Scientific Writing!!

Front row: Jade Yang, Austin Brady, Nicole Weikle Back row: Isaiah Bloom and Kevin Evans

The Kenneth R. Gottesfeld Award  is presented annually in memory of Kenneth R. Gottesfeld, MD, a founding father in obstetrical sonography.  This year our team, of A. Nicole Stigall-Weikle, Isaiah Bloom, Jade Yang, and Kevin Evans, were selected for this honor based on the committee selecting the paper titled: Sonographic Cardiovascular Assessment of the Aorta: Pilot of a Modified Image Grading System.  This award will be presented at the SDMS Annual Conference in Atlanta, GA.  This team of researchers collected this data at a family practice clinic during the mid-portion of the COVID pandemic.  This team rocks the world!!!

Bloom and Evans to present SDMS Plenary Session in Atlanta, GA

The Society of Diagnostic Sonography has selected Dr. Evans and Isaiah Bloom to present at their annual conference, in Atlanta, GA.  The plenary lecture is an invited talk on the use of augmented reality added to ultrasound guided imaging procedures. Evans and Bloom will be lecturing to the conference attendees on the value of augmented reality and also demonstrate how this technology has the ability to change work flow and reduce risk for work-related musculoskeletal injuries.

Sydney Snyder awarded Health Sciences Scholars 2nd Year Distinction award!!!

Sydney Snyder, OSU BS-Biological Sciences and Pre-Med Undergraduate Researcher – LII

Following in our great tradition, Sydney Snyder was recently awarded the 2nd year OSU Distinguished Scholar Award. The award is given to a 2nd year student in health sciences scholars that excels all areas including academics, leadership, and service while embodying the mission of Health Sciences Scholars. The recipient seeks to better their community and themselves by actively striving to be better in all areas of their life. Nominees will be well-rounded students of OSU that seek to improve OSU and beyond. We could not agree more and so thankful to have Sydney on our team!!  Congratulations!!

Isaiah W. Bloom offered admission to Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine!!

Isaiah W. Bloom, BS, Manager of AR research and Dartmouth medical student

It is such a thrill to announce that Isaiah Bloom has been offered admission to Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine. The Geisel School of Medicine, at Dartmouth, is the graduate medical school of Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. The fourth oldest medical school in the United States, it was founded in 1797 by New England physician Nathan Smith. It is one of seven Ivy League medical schools.  This prestigious offer of admissions to study medicine at Dartmouth demonstrates the academic and research preparation that Isaiah embodies.  Isaiah will begin his studies at Dartmouth in the fall semester of 2022 and begin his new career as a physician.  We are so proud of Isaiah and all his accomplishments that have lead to this stellar admission.  Isaiah continues to work in the lab and was recently promoted to Manager of the Augmented Reality research, funded by MediView, LLC.

Evans and Bloom chosen to provide SDMS Annual Conference plenary session on AR!

Isaiah W. Bloom, UG Researcher

Isaiah W. Bloom, BS Manager of AR research

Dr. Evans and Isaiah Bloom, BS have been selected by the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers to present at their annual meeting, in Atlanta GA.  This presentation will be on the emerging use of augmented reality coupled with sonography.  Evans and Bloom are currently working on a research project, funded by MediView, LLC to determine the ways that AR can improve exam/procedure time and also physical ergonomics.  This plenary session will be made available to all conference attendees.  The design is to introduce AR as well as provide some samples of how AR could be integrated into daily workflow.  The SDMS Annual meeting will be held Sept 29-Oct 1.

Cognitive Distractions During Sonographic Procedures: Reducing Noise-Based and Light-Based Interruptions in Hospital Rooms

We are providing this QR code which links to our newly published article: Cognitive distractions during sonographic procedures: Reducing noise-based and light-based interruptions in hospital rooms.   This article was recently published on line with Sage publications in the Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography.  Please feel free to share this article as we continue to try and raise awareness of cognitive as well as physical ergonomic concerns.


Welcome Sydney Snyder our new OSU pre-med volunteer!!

Sydney Snyder, BS UG pre-med student Resident Advisor: OSU Park-Stradley Hall

As is our history, the LII has been a great training ground for future physicians.  So we are excited to welcome our newest pre-med student, Sydney Snyder! Sydney graduated from Geneva High School in 2020. She is currently pursuing her biology degree while on the pre-med track. Sydney is involved with Buck-I-SERV, Health Sciences Scholars, and Residence Life at Ohio State. In her time spent away from school and her involvements, Sydney enjoys spending time with her family and friends, taking workout classes at the RPAC, and exploring Columbus.  Currently Sydney is serving as a resident advisor in OSU Park-Stradley Hall on main campus.  Sydney will be mainly working with Huriah to manage the data collected from the Sri Lanka COVID study and will be training with Isaiah to contribute to the product evaluation study funded by MediView, LLC.  Welcome Sydney!!!