Shape Grammar

This project was an exploration of how the principles and elements of design can be used as tools to organize and communicate to the viewer.


Using linear perspective techniques to create forms both complex and simple, I constructed my own art studio.

2D to 3D Translation

In this project I took a 2D shape of my design and translated into 3D, examining the relationship between the two.

Space and Time Walk

In this project I created an experience using slow-looking observations and created a map with written instructions, leading the user on a journey through Ohio State University’s most fantastical locations.

Patterning and Abstractions

In this project, I created abstractions from images of natural things and man-made things, arranging them in ways that created unique patterns to create a Mandala that demonstrates harmony as it’s main principle.


In this project, I explored language and its meaning to create my own portmanteau which I then visualized through a digital isometric illustration.


In this project, I designed my own sketchbook by identifying design problems and creating my own solutions.

Deep Space

In this project, I constructed a composition that emphasized a sense of depth through paper layering techniques and focused on visualizing the feeling of insecurity.

Mask Up

This project was a partner project featuring handcrafted masks that exemplified the two themes of “decay” and “growth” within a written narrative regarding the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic.

Dynamic Page

Using stop motion animation, my partner and I visualized the principle of movement by creating two different animations that also depict opposing themes of “descent” and “ascension” and their respective visuals.


In this partner project, I examined the pre-existing narrative of chess and assigned new meaning to the game through my own narrative and redesigned pieces.

Gifting Design

In this project, I had to think carefully about what design meant to me and consider the design processes which guided me in creating a gift for my Visual Communications mentor, Cali Chiu.

Senior Capstone Project

This is my Senior Capstone Project site that highlights my personal tech repair service as well as an interview with a chosen mentor and much more!

AP Literature Smart Device

This was a really fun project I did in high school where I made the Google Assistant read a script from the perspective of the character Nettie from the book The Color Purple.

My Drawings

This is a collection of some digital art I’ve created in the past and recently.