EHE Big Idea Grant

Disciplina in Civitatem: An Integrated Approach to Computer Science Education Emphasizing Science and Math Literacy, Self-Expression and Citizenship

Principal Investigator:
Rick Voithofer, Associate Professor (Learning Technologies – Department of Educational Studies) / 614-247-7945

Co-Principal Investigators:
Lin Ding, Associate Professor (Science Education – Department of Teaching and Learning) / 614-688-8377
Chris Orban, Assistant Professor (OSU – Department of Physics) –
Stephen Lewis, Assistant Professor (Marietta College – Department of Education) – Saber Khan (Processing Foundation) –
Dr. Lucia Chacón-Díaz (Visiting Assistant Professor – STEM Education) –

Amount: $100,000

Timeframe: 2021-2023

Through this project we will answer the following interconnected questions:

1. How can coding be integrated into subject areas like Math and Sciences to promote effective teaching and learning of the subject content, and how can math and science be effectively integrated into computer science classes (especially in light of CS substitution policies)
2. How can we best integrate EthicalCS discussions into middle and high school CS content without overburdening teachers with additional content to cover?
3. How can we best use “creative coding” to retain an element of play and self-expression in CS activities in order to provide culturally relevant pedagogies that will connect with all students (Paris & Alim, 2017).
4. What is the specific or potential impact of CS substitution policies on student aptitude in mathematics and science in Ohio? Specifically, what is the impact of these polices on students from underrepresented groups in STEM, many of whom are already struggling to prepare for college.


The questions that guide this project will be answered through three interrelated activities:
1. Curriculum Development and Dissemination
2. Curriculum Assessment
3. CS Policy Analysis