To transform the Department of Educational Studies (ES) and the entire College of Education and Human Ecology into a model for how technology can be leveraged as a catalyst for innovation in the preparation of equity minded leaders, educators, and researchers to meet the educational needs of the future.


To advance technology-based learning, research, and leadership through the creation and implementation of innovative tools and equitable practices to enhance outreach in online school, university, and community settings. The mission will place a particular focus on three EHE pillars: Pillar 2: Urban and Rural Education Pillar 3: Global and local engagement and Pillar 5: STEAM Education and support the EHE core values including Excellence, Justice, Diversity, and Innovation.


The center, led within the Department of Educational Studies, and administered in partnership with the College of Education and Human Ecology will work collaboratively with the Department of Teaching and Learning and the Department of Human Sciences, as well as the Office of Distance Education E-Learning (ODEE) and other units at OSU that focus on technology-supported learning and innovation.


  1. Grow Online and Hybrid Programs and Courses
  2. Support Department Curriculum Technology Integration
  3. Conduct research on developing innovative and equitable evidence-based practices, products and pedagogies using technology
  4. Promote Diversity and Equitable Access to Culturally-sensitive and responsive technology-based practices
  5. Support Technology-based innovation in instruction, programs, research, and practice
  6. Secure internal and external funding to support the mission of then center
  7. Work in collaboration with units in EHE to develop and enhance activities to promote technology based innovations