A thought on wholeness

A thought on wholeness

Not "just" a nurse

Not “just” a nurse

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NURSE (by Kathrynn Thompson)

I recently was talking to one of our nurses about how to best care for an end of life patient. We discussed how difficult and sad it can be when one of our patients is dying.  Intervening with patient and…



Email Etiquette (by Guest Blogger Tim Phillips)

Communication comes in many forms:  verbal communication, written communication and non-verbal communication.  Email is a form of written communication and requires the appropriate use of grammar, word choice, structure and punctuation.  In today’s world of texting, use of “apps” and…

Reflecting on International Relationship-Based Care Symposium (by Kathrynn Thompson)

Relationship Based Care and the Art of Nursing I have been passionate about the Art of Nursing my entire career. Cathleen Jenner (1997) in her article The Art of Nursing: a Concept Analysis in Nursing Forum defined the Art of…


Bright Ideas  (by Ruth Frankenfield)

Bright Ideas (by Ruth Frankenfield)

  What will make the most significant difference to discourage incivility on units?     Creating a shift in mindset among our peers…    But How?   It should be understood that lack of respect or incivility is not acceptable.  It is important that…