Random Acts of Compassion (by Ruth Frankenfield)



Micro moments of kindness, compassion & other forms of positivity nourish your mind, wisdom and longevity



People often ask about compassion, “Isn’t it the same as empathy?”



Empathy is the gateway to compassion. Its understanding how someone feels and trying to imagine how their situation might feel for you-it’s a mode of relating. Compassion goes a step further; it’s when we put empathy in action and reach out to help, to make a difference.



Research at the University of North Carolina offers compelling evidence that acts of compassion not only bring comfort to those receiving it but can also greatly enhance the quality of life of those who practice it regularly. Barbara Frederickson’s ongoing research strongly demonstrates that acts of compassion can increase life satisfaction, decrease emotional tension and migraines, reduce depressive symptoms, decrease bias toward others and even increase the gray matter in our brains



                  …and compassionate actions don’t always have to be big or life-changing



Place flowers under the windshield wiper of a parked car 


                                                      Say “thank you” to a service member


Make a thank you sign for your sanitation workers      


Offer to take someone’s grocery cart back into the store


Leave cookies out for your postal worker        


Wave at kids on a school bus


Leave a bottle of bubbles at someone’s front steps                Sweep your neighbors sidewalk


Forgive someone even if they’re not sorry


                                 Check in on an elderly neighbor


Insist on taking your co-workers phone so they can enjoy a peaceful lunch


                                         Leave time on meter for the next person       


Leave an uplifting note or piece of candy in someone’s scrub jacket pocket


Do a chore for someone without them knowing it  


Complement a complete stranger on their cool cane, purse or hat


Leave happy notes around the hospital or around town                                   


 Send a card to a service member


Pay the bill for the person behind you at the drive through                                


So….Spread a little kindness. Practice random acts of compassion. Bring some much needed healing into our world & into your own mind and heart.