Earth Day!
Guided Imagery

THE CARES TOOL (Compassionate Person-Centered Care for the Dying): R=RESTLESSNESS and DELIRIUM This blog series continues to explore the CARES tool, an evidenced based practice tool developed to enhance the end of life care given by the bedside nurse. The…

Are your arms wide open? (By Guest Blogger Lynne Brophy)

    Recently my minister gave a very moving sermon which asked a question relevant to nursing: “Are your arms wide open?”  When Gini asked this question she meant to ask if our arms were wide open either figuratively or…

Spring Self-care
Be Gentle with Yourself
The Elevator (by guest blogger Lynne Brophy )

Who knew that a tiny place could be filled with such emotion?  It all began the day I saw her, in a wheelchair, wearing a mask and her favorite, colorful pajamas, being pushed by her Mom.  She looked very weak…


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