“Oh No, a brouhaha!!”

“Oh No, a brouhaha !!”   One of our great challenges in life is coping the inevitable clashes which occur in our relationships whether it’s with our spouse, best friend, relatives, co-workers, or boss; it could be with anyone.  Unfortunately,…

Leaves on a Stream

Guided imagery is one of the oldest and most commonly used relaxation techniques. Words, images, and additional sensory stimuli can mobilize neurophysiology and biochemistry. By engaging the senses it can help not only with relaxation but aids with stress reduction,…

I have been thinking a lot lately about the power of our touch as nurses. We can have such an impact on our patients through a simple touch of the hand, a pat on the back or a hand or…

Grief VS Depression Grief and depression can be difficult to differentiate. These conditions are common in oncology patients and their families.  It is therefore beneficial to distinguish between these states in order to provide the best support and most effective interventions….


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