Total Pain (by Kathrynn Thompson)

There has been a lot about pain management and opioids in the news recently. It reminds me that when we talk about pain we primarily refer to physical pain. But there are many kinds of pain including psycho-social, spiritual and…

Thank you for all you give and all your gifts!
Nature, Nursing and RBC (by Kathrynn Thompson)

I had the opportunity recently to visit Yellowstone National park.  I was unprepared for the majesty of all that I saw and experienced. I witnessed a herd of bison (mothers and calves) crossing a river and could hear their vocalizations. …

Nursing changes your life (by Ruth Frankenfield)

The nursing profession is changing. The average age of nurses and the average number of years of nursing experience both are decreasing. I’ve been in nursing now for nearly four decades and am certainly considered old.   I often wonder…

Nora Ellen Turner, 1917 OSU Student

Try pulling that out of the laundry! Learn more about the historical Ohio State University nursing uniform: Remembrances by Rena Edwards Daily Coppess  Historical Reflections: The Medical Heritage Center Blog  

Hope (by Kathrynn Thompson)

HOPE: to desire something and expect that it will happen or be obtained (Webster’s dictionary) I was sitting in church yesterday reading the bulletin and there was a story about a woman diagnosed with cancer. Shortly after she finished her…

Random Acts of Compassion (by Ruth Frankenfield)

      Micro moments of kindness, compassion & other forms of positivity nourish your mind, wisdom and longevity     People often ask about compassion, “Isn’t it the same as empathy?”     Empathy is the gateway to compassion. Its…


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