Burnout (by guest blogger Emily Lambrecht)



Burnout is from chronic work stress that is associated with feelings of hopelessness, difficulties in dealing with work and in doing your job effectively, or feeling as if your work efforts don’t make a difference.

Burnout usually has a gradual onset and can be associated with a high workload or a non-supportive work environment.  One study reported that 41% of U.S. nurses were dissatisfied with their jobs and nearly one in four were planning to leave their jobs within a year.

However that’s not the only profession that suffers. In 2015 a study from the Mayo clinic found that more than half of American physicians have at least one sign of burnout.  It is a very real threat to our healthcare system as not only are staff members being impacted and leaving the profession but patient safety is correlated to provider burnout level as well.

You can access a free assessment of your own risk for burnout and compassion fatigue and how that compares to colleagues by texting EZWBI to 797979.  This will provide a link to the assessment and articles, videos, and tips based on your identified needs.



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