Stories Matter (by Amy Rettig)

The first story I remember being read to me was Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. I remember that green eggs and ham would not be eaten – no way – and not on a boat, a train, in the rain … you get the drift. All of that tension of being chased around with those green eggs and ham actually transported me to a different place.  I was being chased around by green eggs and ham! My heart beat faster, my breath was deeper, my palms may have sweat. I was engaged in the story. And then…..he ate the green eggs and ham. He ate them all. And he LIKED them!

Oh my!

We use storytelling everyday in our world. We read books, we watch TV and movies. TED talks are so successful because they bring you into a story and not a lecture or other dry speech.

There is even science behind the story. Our brains do wonderful things when we hear a story. We develop our empathy, we gain perspective, and we connect to others in new ways. We build relationships through story.

How have you used story in your practice?