Tiffany Ealy uses a gallon jug to measure her water throughout her day.

Months ago I saw a Registered Nurse leaving for the day from James 21. She had an empty jug in her hand. I was curious. Was she recycling? Why was it empty? Was she going to make a piggy bank?


I asked, “Why do you have an empty jug?” I couldn’t read her badge and I didn’t know her name…yet. She replied, “This is how I know that I have had all my water for the day. My goal is to drink a gallon of water at work a day.” WOW! How cool. So I said to her, “WOW! How cool!” I asked her if I could interview her for this blog and she agreed.


Tiffany Ealy is a Registered Nurse and a certified personal fitness trainer. She has incorporated physical health into her daily life as part of her care of self. Water plays a big role in her self care.



  1. Water has no calories.
  2. You can put fruit in water for a tasty beverage.
  3. If you go to a park, where there is food, or a restaurant you can usually get a cup of water for free.
  4. Older adults and young children must be very aware of the signs and symptoms of dehydration.
  5. Water is a better option than sport drinks or energy drinks in most situations.


“There is no excuse for not drinking water, unless you physically can’t swallow” is Tiffany’s motto. She has created her own Nursing Care Plan for her self care that includes interventions for physical and financial health:

  • A gallon jug of water every day – she buys her water “pre-jugged” from stores that sell bottle water. Aldi’s sells a jug of water for 79 cents per gallon jug. That is 3 large coffees from Espress Oasis!
  • When she works out and knows that she will need electrolyte replenishment, she drinks Gerber baby water instead of the sports/energy/vitamin drinks. The baby water is only 89 cents at Walmart compared to $1.50 and up for the other drinks.
  • Another workout water recipe is: apple cider vinegar, ground red pepper, and honey all mixed in a blender bottle. She does admit that you have to get over the taste!!
  • Sometimes she adds a squirt of lemon juice to her water for variety.


Water is important to our physical health. Here are some Tiffany Ealy quotes:

  • “As nurses we check that our patients are voiding 240 ml every 2-4 hours. We should be checking ourselves.”
  • “Change your own mind about working out.”
  • “Do jumping jacks in the bathroom”

Here is my favorite: “If you don’t make time for health you will have to make time for illness.”


Thank you Tiffany! YOU ROCK!