Claiming Resilience

Resilience is a “hot topic” in our world. Resilience means that we recover or adjust to stress and/or change.


We assess our patients for resilience throughout their cancer journey with us:

  • How are they coping with this new diagnosis of cancer?
  • How are they adjusting to life with cancer as a chronic condition?
  • How are they adapting to not being able to drive? or walk?
  • How are they managing tube feedings?


As healthcare faculty and staff, we may not always assess ourselves for resilience as we deal with all the challenges of cancer and healthcare. Sometimes we lose ourselves and struggle with recovering or adjusting to stress and/or change. We may experience burnout, become lost, and forget that we are not alone.


Claiming Resilience is a Care of Self and Care of Colleague activity. Eleven different sessions are held monthly across The James. All are welcome to any of these interprofessional conversations about the challenges we face in healthcare. An amalgamation of methods – Art of Hosting, The Circle Way, Appreciative Inquiry, and I-Groups – each Claiming Resilience session has a trained facilitator and a specific format:

  • Check-In – each individual shares a reflection of what is on their mind/heart about healthcare
  • Conversation – deeper discussion about what has been shared
  • Check-Out – each individual shares a key “take-away” from the conversation


By having conversations, the goal is to create a caring and healing environment by:

  • Learning more about each other as colleagues and teams
  • Learn more about ourselves
  • Learn resiliency strategies from the group


Please join us in conversation.