Motivation for Health: An Interview with Danette Birkhimer

What motivates you to take care of your health? What tools or resources do you use for self-care? Recently, I asked Danette Birkhimer these questions. Danette is a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) with the Neuro-Oncology and Head & Neck Cancers disease service lines. She has been a CNS with The James since 2006 and started with The James in 1987 – before the first James building was even built.




Danette talked about 3 specific things that she has used to stay motivated. First is a wireless-engaged wearable technology device – or in our common language a FitBit. She further explained that she has had a variety of types of these devices but she really likes her current FitBit Charge. “It buzzes me when I’ve reached my 10,000 steps!” Another feature she likes is the online app community with weekly contests and a place to check in on your friends.


The second thing that Danette has used for motivation is YP4H. Accumulating points helps her see progress over time, especially the step challenges where you can be part of team. “I feel a bigger responsibility because I don’t want to let my team down. I don’t want to be the ‘weakest link'”.


Danette has decided to try a new resource for 2017, the Commit30 Day Planner she purchased but Commit30 has a free 30 day planner for download. “When I have to write things down I am more likely to keep working on the goal.” I hope we find out how it works for her!


By the way – mentioning or linking tools and resources in this post is not an endorsement.


What motivates you? What tools or resources are you using for self-care? Let us know!