Dia de los Muertos

RBC@SSCBC Trick or Treat celebration JPAS Pumpkin

RBC@SSCBC Trick or Treat celebration JPAS Pumpkin


Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) https://library.osu.edu/blogs/osulstaff/event/dia-de-los-muertosday-of-the-dead-art-activism-education/ is a day of remembering people presently in our lives and those that have past. This cultural tradition from Mexico, Central America, and now Latinos in the United States is a joyful celebration that has been modernized from ancient ritual.

Trick or Treat

RBC@SSCBC Halloween celebration Surgical Oncology Unit

In America, we celebrate Halloween as a secular holiday to dress-up and pretend, though its history is connected to honoring the dead. We celebrate life with family and friends. We gather together as neighbors sharing stories, creativity, and candy.

James 19 celebrated together – bringing staff and their families together to share stories, creativity, and food – with lots of candy! Check in with your James 19 colleagues for pictures of their event!

The Stefanie Spielman Comprehensive Breast Center also shared with each other their stories, creativity and candy.

Smashing Pumpkins

RBC@SSCBC winning entry for their Halloween celebration.

When we come together we rebuild our spirits. We renew.  We care for ourselves. We care for our colleagues.

Coming up on November 8-13, 2016 will be Remembrance & Renewal (R&R) at The James building (CCCT). James 059 and 061 will provide a space for staff that work in this building to remember those lives that have touched your heart and provide ways in which to renew your spirit. A great way to care for self.

R and R

A time to care for self.

R&R will be offered twice in every James building every month this next year. Here is the schedule:

January & July Martha Morehouse
February & August JamesCare East
March & September Mill Run
April & October SSCBC
May & November CCCT
June & December Brain & Spine Hospital

Watch for more information about R&R coming to your building and YP4H challenges connected to this event.