Three Takeaways Of ESLTECH 2011

1. Advantages of Online Learning

The online course satisfies students better than face-to-face education, with benefits of high quality, ease, and flexibility. The online course relies on the Internet, which is access to the knowledge world. The Internet allows students to use all resources, which are available in digital versions. Students could utilize materials from electronic newspaper to website, from personal blog to formal files, from published book to multi-media. Nowadays, the wild coverage of the Internet and the sprout of mobile devices reduces learning limitations that exist in the traditional education model. Students could arrange their study time more flexible since they would have more choices. Besides, more technical skills are required in this boosting society, and online education also provides such specific skill learning. Online learning equipment is more suitable for students as it allows students to practice skills more often and learn much faster.

2. Goal And Motivation To Success

Goal and motivation are quite essential to succeed. A decomposition into various aspects is a necessity for the goal. Also, rigorous challenges require persistence and motivations to overcome. Self-management helps a lot to train concentration on purpose. The classroom task is a vital learning goal to complete every assignment on time for a firm self-management. The SMART goal setting strategy is specific, measurable, archivable, relevant, time-bound. And the process of achieving a goal could be seen as a 2-dimensional graph. The graph has not only the horizontal axis, which shows the degree of complexion, but also the vertical indicating the time.

3. Time, Task & Environment Management For Online Learning

online students no longer own a traditional class structure compared with students attending a lecture at a physical location. More flexible schedule of online learning means not only fewer constraints but less monitoring, as students do not necessarily go to the classroom at a fixed time. It may result in students’ procrastination. And students may miss the notification of upcoming due dates, too. The only channel to communicate in traditional class is to talk face to face, while there are various communication channels for online learning, like emails, messages, and group chat. Students cannot always check all channels and may miss information. Therefore, students are more difficult to schedule the study appropriately. It will be better to gather information. I plan to create a checklist about all study assignments and to set up due date. It will be easier to accomplish works in the same timeline. Try to avoid multitasking because it will reduce efficiency. A public working area in the community is also considerable. 

Trello: Plan Is A Life Principle.

Trello is a project management software that visually manages our tasks. The technique is like putting paper cards on a wall. It’s not hard to master the basics of Trello, but here are some hidden tricks that can further increase productivity.

1. Use shortcut keys

Trello website offers shortcuts list, remember some of the commonly used shortcuts can save a lot of time, the followings are recommended to use:

When hovering over a task card, press the shortcut key “E” to go to edit mode quickly

Press the shortcut “enter” to open the selected task card

Use the arrow keys to move up, down, left, and right between task CARDS

Press “N” to create a new card under the select task card

Press the space bar to assign yourself the task of opening the card

2. Copy and paste your multi-task list

For example, to create a task list in Excel or Word, we need to copy each line of the task into Trello and display it as a separate card task. Then We need to copy the list, then create a new card and paste it.

3. Text format

If you need to set up special effects like bold fonts quickly, italics, hyperlinks, ordered lists of Numbers, and images in Trello, you can use the Markdown syntax feature. This grammar is the same skill as mind mapping that I highly recommend you to learn. Markdown can be applied in the Description of Trello, Checklist, and comments, and comprehensive grammar can be obtained by clicking Formatting help.

4. Turn your email into a Trello card

Trello is an excellent tool for project management. It can also be converted into a Trello card for centralized project management if there are references to relevant projects or action tasks to be performed in the email. In the project’s board section, click the menu on the right and select “email-to-board Settings” to see the long list of Email addresses suffixed with added to the list of Email contacts. When the email is sent to Trello, you can see the transformed email content in the Activity, including the email body and attachments, which is very convenient. It’s worth noting that each different project board has a corresponding email address, so you can make the most of this by simply noting the different project names in the email contact list.

5. Turn on powerful functions of Power-ups

Trello provides a powerful Power-ups function, which can also be found on the menu. The free version of Trello can use three functions: calendar integration, card fuzzy, and voting.

6. Export data to Excel

Trello supports the export of Excel data, which is very important for the progress of a project, whether you check it yourself or send it to the leader or the project team via email. This feature is specific to the paid version of Trello, but is available free of charge through the Chrome plug-in “Export for Trello.”

7. Copy project sections

If you use Trello to create a periodical work plan and find that your plan may only require a few changes for the previous one, you can use its “Copy Board” feature to Copy card tasks and descriptions instead of reviews and activity updates.

Beneficial Note-Taking

Top 10 Note Taking tips by Studytee


  • Keep a separate notebook and workbook for each course. 


  • Color code your notes based on chapter or topic. 


  • Use a colored pen to make important terms stand out. 


  • Use abbreviations and symbols, and don’t worry about sentence structure or grammar. 


  • Make “Star Sentences”: a summary sentence for each paragraph


  • colored & labeled diagrams to understand the material better and avoid unnecessary writing. 


  • Use different colored highlighters for various aspects of the text. 


  • Use post-it notes for anything relevant that you don’t want to write on the page. 


  • Use the bottom of the page for a summary and questions. 


  • Leave space in the margins to add information later.