What is eSignature?

The eSignature project uses DocuSign, a digital signature application that allows users to securely sign, initial, and enter other information on an electronic document rather than a physical copy. High use forms have already begun to be incorporated into eSignature, with more forms being added weekly.

For some helpful introductory videos on using DocuSign, visit https://support.docusign.com/

Benefits of using eSignature

Faster Signatures: Routine approval processes can take weeks because physical documents must be walked or mailed for physical signatures. With eSignature, documents are automatically routed through the approval process as they are signed, eliminating timely travel.

More Visibility In The Approval Process: eSignature tracks each document’s location within approval processes in real time and who still needs to sign, with updates sent periodically to remind signers they have a document waiting for their approval. No more physical forms getting lost amid the clutter.

Easier Storage: eSignature utilizes electronic documents, eliminating the need to scan and store physical documents.

How to Get Started

The DocuSign login can be accessed by navigating to https://account.docusign.com/#/username.
To start the login process, enter your name.#@osu.edu. This will redirect you to the standard Ohio State Single-Sign-On page, if not already signed in.
On the SSO page, enter your OSU credentials (name.# and OSU password) and click Login.
You will then be brought to the DocuSign homepage.

If you are an Ohio State employee and only need to sign documents, you are already good to go!

If you need elevated permissions for the eSignature service, please go to the Permissions tab on this help site and check out the available roles to determine which level of access you need.
After doing that, go to the Trainings tab on this site and follow the links for obtaining your desired role.

OSU eSignature Project