The Divide Inflicted By Media

I’m not sure if anyone actually checks this page, but I thought I would share two great documentaries that cover a lot of the topics we discussed in class today. “The Mask You Live In” illustrates the presence of various struggles faced by young males up throughout adulthood that are extended by society’s narrow definition of masculinity and what it means to ‘be a boy’. “Miss Representation” offers a feminine perspective and delves into uncovering the long-lasting detrimental effects that can exist based on the structure of our society. They discuss family relations, music, education, and so many other topics related to how we perceive ourselves and others in a socially constructed world. Both films were extremely eyeopening and vocalize topics that deserve (and need) to be discussed.

I don’t have enough nice things to say about both of these films and really really recommend them to anyone interested in what we discussed in class (and they are on Netflix so they are fo FREE).


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Punishment in Schools

I think someone may have mentioned something similar in class today, but I saw this a couple of weeks ago and thought it was really interesting and worth sharing! I can see a lot of positives and also some possible issues with this, and would love to hear what other people think. I am a huge advocate for implementing measures designed to prevent problems before they start, but I also think it is important to recognize that many problems start extremely early on and are already present prior to preventative intervention.

There needs to be a balance in promoting the development of healthy and positive habits while still being aware of the presence of consequences when wrongful acts are committed. Regardless I still think this is really cool and would also be extremely beneficial for students who aren’t struggling; this could be a means of reinforcing already positive behaviors while also allowing for students to be mindful and reflect on the things that are taking place in their lives. Sorry for the rant friends, I’m a huge sucker for mindfulness and self-growth!

Helpful Links?

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Here’s the link to, as discussed in class:

Does anyone else have any other good study/organization/academic links?

Trains and Sharks and Bears, Oh My!

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I dare you to post here.

I dare – nay, double-dog dare – students of ESEPHL 4403 to post any beginning sentiments on this class blog site. Who will bravely post or comment first, I wonder???? You might ask a question, pose a problem, share a thought. Whatever you’d like.

Here is my thought of the day: I am debating whether or not to buy my Olde English Bulldogge a winter sweater, given that I’m 98% sure he’ll eat it out of spite when I’m not looking…