My mentor is Caroline Bruns. Caroline and I talked about a range of things from our life. I had asked her how hard her first year had been for her because I had concerns and she talked about how she had an easy freshman first semester and had only 12 credit hour classes.  Her second semester had 17 credit hours and was a little more difficult for her. She advised me on basically just figuring out how to study and how to stay on top of your grades and assignments. She talked about her sorority and how much she liked greek life and found a family within it. Overall, Caroline helped to advise me on handling school and balancing that with your social life.

About Me


Hello! My name’s Lydia and I’m 18 years old. My major is Political Science on the Pre-Law track. In high school I was president and co-founder of my schools Cultural Identity Club and worked towards spreading diversity and social awareness among my peers. Activism is a big part of my life because I believe that in this society, racial disparities and inequality are ever so present among us and must be fought against. With that being said movements like the #blacklivesmatter #FreePalestine #DefendDACA #MeToo etc. are some of the things I’m very involved in and believe in passionately.  I hope to be able to partake in a multiple of groups and organizations on campus that involve social justice.