Year in Review

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Federalist Style Paper

The way in which we need to change congressional apportionment in the House to make it fair is through Fair Representation Voting — representation that comes from ranked choice voting. This concept is the principle that an official or a legislature “should reflect all of the voters who elect them.” Congress will remain the same size but by electing 3 or 4 winners, districts will be larger. By electing candidates from different parties and multi-winner districts it would allow for voters to elect people who represent their party. Ranked-choice voting and recognizes that gerrymandering and campaign finance laws are not the only issues that cause unfair representation but recognizes them. Ranked-choice voting turns America’s non-competitive elections into meaningful elections and motivates people to go out and vote. Unfair representation also doesn’t allow for America’s Congress to represent America as John Adams designed it to. Our Congress does not represent minority populations properly and ranked-choice voting fixes that issue.

Unequal representation has become a framework of our nation that we can change. We know that rank-choiced voting works because local municipalities and cities have switched over and seen increases in voter turnout and voter apathy has gone down. Ranked-choice voting is how we will fix one of many of America’s voting issues and must be implemented as soon as possible. Legislation in states such as Louisiana, North Carolina, and Mass. is being pushed by activists and progressive candidates. We must urge our representatives to pass these laws for our sake and for the sake of democracy.


My mentor is Caroline Bruns. Caroline and I talked about a range of things from our life. I had asked her how hard her first year had been for her because I had concerns and she talked about how she had an easy freshman first semester and had only 12 credit hour classes.  Her second semester had 17 credit hours and was a little more difficult for her. She advised me on basically just figuring out how to study and how to stay on top of your grades and assignments. She talked about her sorority and how much she liked greek life and found a family within it. Overall, Caroline helped to advise me on handling school and balancing that with your social life.

About Me


Hello! My name’s Lydia and I’m 18 years old. My major is Political Science on the Pre-Law track. In high school I was president and co-founder of my schools Cultural Identity Club and worked towards spreading diversity and social awareness among my peers. Activism is a big part of my life because I believe that in this society, racial disparities and inequality are ever so present among us and must be fought against. With that being said movements like the #blacklivesmatter #FreePalestine #DefendDACA #MeToo etc. are some of the things I’m very involved in and believe in passionately.  I hope to be able to partake in a multiple of groups and organizations on campus that involve social justice.


  • Global Awareness: My activities to bring about global awareness include joining different clubs and organizations on campus such as AYL (African youth league) where students belonging to different nations and countries in Africa all come together and share their cultures. I am also planning to look into studying abroad in a different nation where I would be able to adopt and learn another culture and their livelihoods.
  • Original Inquiry: Something that I’ve considered researching is a study on how black children (black girls in specific) have been proven to receive less nurturing and less care inside school classrooms and my goal is to do study on why that is..
  • Academic Enrichment: Throughout this year at college, I hope to be able to take a lot of advanced courses on black history and social justice that focus on ways to advance POC and the. community within it. I also aspire to pursue an internship at the state house or in a law firm whether it be during summer or during my second semester.
  • Leadership Development: Developing leadership is something that I believe is a critical attribute to obtain and I intend on doing so through College Dems. After being a member for a semester, I plan to run for a portion on the executive board. I believe that the skills and experience of working with other leaders will hone strategic abilities for me that will contribute to my goals of working in politics after college.
  • Service Engagement: I intend on volunteering with 1 Girl which is an organization that mentors young girls inside the Columbus community. These mentors teach these young girls to pursue areas they are passionate about like law, science, art etc. Being apart of this organization would set me up for potentially wanting to mentor others within PSL.