Seminar for Spring 2020

Here is a list of visiting speakers currently scheduled for Spring semester 2020. All talks are on Thursdays in MW154 at 3.00pm-4.00pm (unless otherwise indicated). More talks will be announced soon.

Jan 23: Rafael Potrie (CMAT, Uruguay)

Feb 6: Andreu Ferre Moragues (Ohio State)

Feb 20: Ben Call (Ohio State)

Feb 27: Rigo Zelada Cifuentes (Ohio State)

Mar 9: Vaughn Climenhaga (Houston) (Note unusual day, MONDAY)

The following talks were scheduled but are now postponed due to the pandemic:

Mar 19: Federico Rodriguez Hertz (Penn State)

Mar 26: Ayse Sahin (Wright State)

Apr 2: Pengfei Zhang (Oklahoma)