Goal 2: Enhance Child Safety and Permanency in Fairfield and Pickaway Counties

Child safety imageExpected Outcomes

  • Reduce the length of stay in out-of-home placement for children in the EPIC program compared to substance-affected families not receiving EPIC support
  • Increased rates of reunification among families involved in EPIC
  • Reduce recidivism for child welfare investigations and re-entries into foster care among parents receiving EPIC intervention
  • Identify which intervention components implemented via EPIC were more likely to increase positive outcomes for families

Study Design

We use a quasi-experimental design to examine the impact of EPIC services. Families receiving EPIC intervention will be matched with two comparison families from the same counties as in Goal 1.

  1. One county receiving intervention through the Ohio START program
  2. A second county with no major grants to aid substance-abused families in the child welfare system

     Identify Performance Indicators

  • Length of stay in out-of-home placement
  • Reunification rates
  • Recidivism; re-referral for child welfare investigations
  • Needs Portal will record data on the type and quantity of each intervention activity implemented