Virtual Symposiums

Beginning in spring of 2017, students enrolled in the online section of Introduction to Environmental Science, ENR 2100, have the unique opportunity to participate in a Virtual Poster Symposium. Students share their completed poster and an audio or video clip of their poster presentation with their peers. Students interact with their peers through discussion boards. Experience reviewing a scientific work is also gained from completion of online peer reviews.

What is a virtual poster?

scientific poster exampleA virtual poster is this context is a scientific poster that rather than submitted and presented in-person, it submitted and presented entirely online. For ENR 2100, Introduction to Environmental Science, students are creating, submitting, and presenting their scientific posters entirely through CarmenCanvas.






Students are required to complete the same assignment as those students enrolled in the in-person section of the course. However, their presentation component of the assignment involves recording an audio or video clip of their poster presentation, opposed to presenting their poster at the Poster Symposium.

submission details of virtual poster assignment and computer screens with poster assignment within them







sample of the virtual poster symposium with audio presentation and poster attachment with student comments on the submission in the Carmen discussion boardA “Virtual Poster Symposium” is held within CarmenCanvas for the students enrolled in the online section of the course. Students submit their audio or video presentations of their posters within a group discussion board, along with a copy of their poster for other students to view, listen to, and comment on. Within these groups students are randomly assigned three posters to peer review. Students complete three peer reviews of posters following a guided prompt within CarmenCanvas as the last portion of the poster assignment.