Session 4

Session Four of the 2015 Symposium took place from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm and exhibited 137 student presenters.


Poster Number Name Title
601 Chen Yang Ozone Depletion — Replacements For CFCs
602 Abby Pomento No safety in trees: Evidence of local and lineage-level adaptation of the Eastern Gray Squirrel to the venom of sympatric rattlesnakes
603 Joshua Reed The Potential Benefit of Electric Vehicles
604 Liam Martin The Effects of Agriculture on Aquifer Health
605 Yanbo Du Main Factors caused haze in Beijing and possible solutions
606 Yiping Wang Haze over Beijing
607 Yangzhou Liu Recycling of lithium-ion batteries with new applications
608 Jennifer Ellis Dolphins in captivity: The cognitive and physical effects on dolphins
609 April Dotson Reintroduction of Gray Wolves in Yellowstone
610 Nicholas Holland Lead Pollution
611 Erica Bell Ongoing Affects in Organisms due to BP Oil Spill
612 Arden Holden Water We Going to Do: A Question Posed by the Southwest Drought
613 Grant Luby Air Pollution in Los Angeles and How it Impacts Health.
614 Rachel McDevitt Sterile Insect Techniques in Reducing Widespread Disease
615 Toddie Mullen Lake Erie Algae Blooms
616 Emily Devon The Translocation of the California Sea Otter
617 Teresa Cardenas Nicaraguan Canal: Contamination of Freshwater
618 Kathleen Fillingim Aquaculture: The “Blue Revolution” might provide the world with a sustainable alternative to mass-produced livestock farms, but only if it can get its own environmental problems under control.
619 Jeremy Conley Health Effects of Air Pollution
620 Ross Henze The Effects of Ocean Acidification on Coral Reefs
621 Hamin Kang Depletion of Petroleum
622 Clarissa Westerman Climate Change: Impacts on Human Health
623 Carolina Vergroesen Wadden sea worth it?
624 Spencer Chilcote Global Warming Linked to Increasing Influenza Virulence
625 Yongkang Jing Antarctic Marine Living Resources
626 Alec Dumbauld Hexachlorobenzene Bioaccumulation in Fish
627 xiaoxiao Wang Trash or Treasure- The Report of Landfill
628 Yishen Jin Global Warming
629 Jack Wang Climate Change Leads to Spread of Dengue Fever
630 Austin Wilson Microalgae Biofuel: A Sustainable Solution to Oil
631 Thomas Riemenschneider Blue-Green Algae Blooms Pose Huge Threat to Ohio’s Freshwater Ecosystems
632 Ian Fisher Thermohaline Circulation and Global Warming
633 Cole Linnabary Nuclear Power: Worth the Waste?
634 Brian Zovko Hydroelectric Power
635 Leland Kirchmaier Effects of Parasites on the Aquaculture Industry
636 Tyler Sweet Cambodian Water Sanitation
637 Hongyu Qiu The deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest
638 Patrick Sanders Coral Reef Degradation
639 Mikola Terpylak Sustainable highways
640 Sean Lowe Northcoast Crisis: The Lake Erie Algae Bloom
641 Lai Wei Air Pollution and Human Health
642 Jeffie Johnson Climate Change
643 Daniel Rinehart Wildlife Management
644 Lily Dawn Earthships – Practical Sustainable Housing
645 Brianna Morris Saving The Critically Endangered Siberian Tiger
646 Tong Yu The Alternative Energy
647 Alysha Mashchak Corexit Mixed with Crude Oil and its Harmful Effects on Micro-Marine Life
648 Eric Gundelfinger The Importance of Common but Differentiated Responsibility   in International Efforts to Reduce Aviation Emissions
649 Alex Joseph The deadliest Creature of the Sea: Humans
650 Justin Fienberg A Newly Discovered Method of Harvesting Spin Triplet Excitons Can Increase Solar Cell Efficiency
651 Chen Cui Problems with Electric Vehicles
652 Laiken Valentine The Deep Water Oil Spill: The Impact on the Dolphins
653 Sam Buford Wolves Suffer from Misinformed Human Perceptions
654 Imby Abath Cursed Land
655 Kyle Adams Florida Gone Dry
656 Aaron Brown Amazon Rainforest Defoerstation
657 James Burns Not Available
658 Kaitlin Carr White Nose Syndrome- What is it and why does it matter?
659 John Collier The Effect of Algae Blooms on Lake Erie
660 Justin Cook IT’S ON US
661 Nicholas DeFrancesco Ocean’s Biggest Predator or Prey?
662 Kamal Deiratany Electric Cars and the Environment
663 Selina Dunbar Urban Heat Island Mitigation: Green Roofs (Chicago)
664 Hannah Dunlap Sustainable Coffee Production
665 Kaiqi Fan Red Tide is Taking A Toll on Florida
666 Jamie Fesko Organic Waste in US Landfills
667 Kennedy Gardner Industrial hemp, a multi-million dollar industry that the US won’t buy into
668 Riwa Hafez Dirty Diamonds
669 Calvin Hendrock Disappearance of the Bat in America
670 Lex Huggins Exploiting the Congo
671 Ian Illig Not Available
672 Trevor Knapp The Rebirth of the Organic Farm
673 Junhao Li The Environmental Impact of Landfill On Cities
674 Guanzheng Li Water and nuclear pollutant
675 Kevin Mather The Effects of Lead in the Environment on Humans
676 Jake Mazzone The Decline of Shark Populations due to Finning
677 Alex Min Bald Eagles and DDT
678 John Mowell Not Available
679 Madeline Mutch Microplastic pollution in the Great Lakes
680 Rory Perlman Alternative Fuels for Cars
681 Andrew Prendergast Microplastics in Freshwater Ecosystems
682 Gautam Reddy To Bee or not to Bee – C.C.D It’s causes and consequences
683 Rachel Reeves Thorium: An Energy Breakthrough? The Advantages of Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors over Current Uranium Reactors
684 Collin Reeves Lake Erie Algae Bloom
685 Kayla Saggio Rising Sea Levels: The Netherlands
686 Elise Schellin Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment
687 Stephanie Sutila Not Available
688 Harrison Tone The Pacific Remote Islands National Monument
689 Stanley Vinning Environmental Impact of Norway’s Push for Electric Vehicle Use
690 Michelle Wentling Plastic Pollution: The Great Lakes
691 Will Widman The Negative Effects of Air Pollution in China
692 Emily Wiegandt Corporate Sustainability in the Scandinavian Fashion Industry
693 Stephanie Williams The Effects of Deforestation on Koalas in Australia
694 Greg Wobser Bird Strikes at Airports: Causes and Solutions for the Next Generation
695 Alex Arman Effects of Urbanization on Heating in Columbus Ohio
696 Brent Bertke Energy Consumption of Ohioans is More Than Any Other Area
697 Trent Boucher Pollution; Affects on the human race and beyond our atmosphere
698 Dan Clement African Elephants and the Ivory Trade
699 Grace Coffman Logging and its Impact on Endangered Bornean Orangutans
700 Alex Delp The Enigma Surrounding Genetically Modified Organisms
701 Sarah Edgerton Climate Change Making Fresh Water Non Consumable because of Waterborne Diseases
702 Ericka Ewell Nuclear Energy in Iran
703 Christopher Garzony Financial Consequences of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on the Gulf of Mexico Economy
704 Adam Geyer The Politics of Global Warming in America
705 Kate Harris Sustainable Agriculture Practices: No-Till Farming Practices
706 Julian Hayslett How cars are Saving the Planet
707 Maddie Henry Glacial Decline in South America
708 Denisa Hodzic Drugged off Water
709 Kendyl Hull Mountain Top Removal Coal Mining & The Effects it has on Water Quality
710 Cole Ishida-Plavcan Volcanoes: The Past, Present, And Future Effects of Volcanic Activity
711 Alex Klawitter Genetically Modified Organisms
712 Brian Lay Methane and environmental issues from Landfills within Central Ohio
713 Con Nie Low Sustainable Water Management (IWRM)
714 Briana Mason The True Cost of Killer Whales in Captivity
715 Brendan McAndrews Bengal Tiger
716 Logan Minard Data Center Utilization and Energy Optimization
717 Shelby Mitchell Endangered Giant Pandas in China
718 Aditya Nechiyil Use of drones to curb poaching
719 Ruxu Pan Hydrogen Fuel Cell
720 Steve Park Developing a solution to best prevent food waste in Ohio State University and its community
721 Lauren Pfeifer Slaughtering of Harp Seals in Canada
722 Alicia Russo Comparing Environmental Effects of Meat and Plant Production
723 Kevin Shipley Environmental Impact of Harmful Lake Erie Algal Blooms
724 Rebekah Smiley The Declining Population of the Monarch Butterfly
725 Jared Taylor Lake Erie: Phosphorus Pollution
726 Will Van Why The Arnavon Islands as an Example for Successful Hawksbill Recovery
727 Senia Vong Panda facing extinction
728 Joe Wagner Are Solar Panels Practical?
729 Michael Watson The Tragedy of the North Pacific Gyre
730 Xiao Wei Nuclear Energy Resources- Energy of the Future?
731 Wanshan Wu Advantage of new energy
732 Xin Xin The Effect of China’s One-child Policy: Skewed Sex Ratio
733 Kennedy Cameron African Elephant Conservation: How poaching is causing elephants to be vulnerable to extinction
734 Nathan Dirmeyer Not Available
735 Aaron Davenport Not Available
736 Alexandra Bauer Not Available
737 Xinyi Chen Not Available