Session 3

Session Three of the 2015 Symposium took place from 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm and exhibited 186 student presenters.


Poster Number Name Title
401 Joseph Regueiro Barbies Destruction of The Pacific
402 Kim Zemel Honeybees: What Is Happening?
403 Timothy Rueth The Chernobyl Disaster and Thyroid Cancer
404 Adam Rueth The American Colony Collapse Disorder Crisis
405 Carrie Zhu The Influence Of Climate Change On Polar Bears
406 Sam Pritchard The Possible New Face to Alternative Wind Energy Using Tethered Flight
407 Max Juszczec The Infamous ‘Garbage Island’: How And Why Plastic Is Filling The Pacific Ocean
408 Kun Shen Waste Water Treatment
409 Maria Roda Impacts of Discarded Packaging Bands on Antarctic Fur Seals at Bird Island, South Georgia
410 Andrew Wilk Conservation of the Black Footed Ferret (M. nigripes)
411 Hui Zhang Effects of Acid Rain on Leaching of Trace Metals from Soil in Southern China
412 Cheng Liu Problems that Giant Panda’s Habitats are Facing
413 Allie Bloxberg Plastic and Human Waste: Its Effect on Marine Life
414 Jingna Zhang The Effect of Noise Pollution on People’s Daily Life
415 Michael LoFaso Analysis of Fukushima and Alternative Nuclear Energy Sources
416 Xingming Deng Methods to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emission
417 Ethan Anderson The Declining Honey Bee Population
418 Anna Hazlett International Ivory Trafficking Crisis
419 Maddy Kroger Hong Kong’s Black Market Taking a Toll on Elephants
420 Jingyi Huang “APEC Blue” reflects Beijing’s Responsibility in Pollution
421 Alexander Soltesz The Polluted Waters of Lake Erie
422 Seth Wenrich Implementing Tesla Technologies in High Cost Hawaii
423 Marco Milkovich Declining United States Bee Populations
424 Yanfei Li Temperature Change on Arctic Circle
425 Christopher Unser Deforestation in the Amazon Forest
426 Roselle Hsu Heat is where we are reborn (fire-dependent species)
427 Junesang Park Going Back to Fukushima Daiichi; Dangerous or Not?
428 Tal Shutkin Cuban Urban Agriculture
429 Will Erlanger Human Carrying Capacity and Food
430 Grace Schneider Trash Talk: Solid Waste Management in Tamil Nadu, India
431 Morgan Wright Arsenic Contamination In India
432 Danielle Reardon Silent Killers: PCB Contamination in Southern Resident Orca Whale Population
433 Madlin Fulger Factory Farming: Save the Pigs
434 Reign VanVoorhis Black Carbon vs. The Human Lung
435 Jessica McCune Fashion: Wasteful to Sustainable?
436 Rae Justice Emperor Penguins at Large Risk of Extinction
437 Nick Davis Where Does Food Waste Go in Columbus?
438 Kevin Wang The Peril of the Great Barrier Reef
439 Kaitlyn Edwards How Coral Bleaching Has a Major Impact on the Great Barrier Reef
440 Yunzhu Zhu Air pollution on campus
441 Xinyi Chen The Difficulties for US to Decrease the Emission of CO2
442 Robert Reed Wild land fires: Effects on the Western United States Ecosystem
443 Mengmeng Zhang Water Pollution in Puget Sound
444 Katie Costello Global Warming Impacts Sex Ratios of Sea Turtles
445 Simin Chen Climate change and runoff in Huifa river basin
446 Adam Lee Whale Wary
447 Matthew Murphy Asian Carp are on the verge of invading the Great Lakes
448 Caroline Galloway Reducing Phosphorous Excretion in Non-Ruminants
449 Mark Dickerhoof A United States Carbon Tax: A Unique Opportunity
450 Mike Shaver Nuclear Waste Disposal in the United States
451 Emily Lehmkuhl Effect of Ocean Acidification on Coral Reefs
452 Christian Wilkoski Wind Power In Kansas
453 Dana Kanaan The Impact of California’s Drought on Agriculture
454 Nick McKague Health Effects of Taconite Mining in Northern Minnesota
455 Andrew Fischer The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
456 Alex Chucales The effects of global warming on the health, population and life patterns of Western Hudson Bay polar bears
457 Yanqiu Zhao Impact of Global Warming on Arctic Fox
458 Mady Herrmann Conserving Energy and Reducing CO2 Emissions Through Sustainable Eating
459 YUE Yin Air Pollution affect human’s healthy in China.
460 Brooke Barrow The Endangerment of the Giant Panda
461 John Robbins Less Land, More People: Bangladeshi’s Problem
462 Matthew Borges Alternative Fuel Sources
463 David Sorger The Effects of the Deepwater Horizon Spill on Sea Turtles
464 Kelsey Taylor The Black Rhinoceros: On the Brink of Extinction
465 Annie Scantling Nuclear Energy in France
466 Mina Breuer The Buzz About Our Pollination Populations Dying Out
467 Lucia Montesinos Efforts Made by Fast-Fashion Companies to Be Environmentally-Conscious
468 Seth Lamp Ocean Acidification and Its Effects on Pteropods
469 Erin Morgan Drought in Australia Due to Deforestation
470 Hunter Brightwell Fracking: Stay or Go?
471 Shawn Ward Fish Stocking and Catfish Population in Ohio
472 Peter Leonhardt Effects of Air Pollution in Beijing
473 Reese Farrow The Woolly Adelgid and the impact it is having on Eastern Hemlock in the central Appalachian area
474 Jordan Randolph How to Cure Green Lake Erie
475 Jacob Spaulding Tropical Deforestation and Carbon Emissions are bad for the Environment
476 Margaret Smith Climate Changes affecting Everest and the Himalayas
477 John Steponick Biomass: A Paradox Involving Renewable Energy and Carbon Neutrality
478 Ian Kipp Pesticide’s Effect on Apis Mellifera (Western Honey Bee) in The United States
479 Danielle Trunzo Malaria Reaching New Heights in Ethiopia Due to Global Climate Change
480 Regiyan Putra Fuel Cell Cars for the Future?
481 Alex Heisey California Drought: The Role of Almond Farming
482 Jackson Reid Gas and Oil Companies Shake up Mid-America
483 Andrew Schuhle Airplane Emissions
484 Nicholas Perozeni Saving Earth’s Water: Fighting Eutrophication
485 Austin Wisdom The Danger Facing Sea Lions
486 Zachary Bitner Controversial Dam Threatens Smiling Dolphin
487 Casey Flowers Effects of Artificial Dams: Mekong River Basin
488 Peter Ballard Ohio River Water Trading Quality
489 Xilin Cheng Nitrate pollution and Eutrophication of water bodies in China
490 David Pacheco Recognizing Urban Pollution
491 Junda Yan Air Pollution: PM 2.5 in China
492 Alex Shapiro Audi Creates New Biofuel
493 Weiqi Zhang Sea Level Rise and Burning Fossil Fuels
494 Kartu Ladwa Implementation and Benefits of the Green Roof System
495 Quinn Liu Global Warming and Polar Bears’ Habitats
496 Erica Yuan Health Consequences of Air Pollution on China
497 Josh Jacobs Land Degradation in Greece: Why it’s bad and how the Average Human can stop it
498 Brian Smith Thorium Powered Future
499 Hawa Sy Human Overpopulation Is A Problem causing air pollution in China
500 Callie Leopard Pets or Predators: The Impact of Domestic Cats on Bird Populations
501 Grant Shivley Algal Biofuels: A Sustainable Solution to Traditional Fossil Fuels
502 Zijing Liu Serious desertification in China
503 Yushi Zhao Renewable energy&Non-renewable energy
504 Dustin Mills The Costs of Animal Agriculture
505 Fangzhou Lin Artificial Night Lights Disturb Seabirds’ Life
506 Yuri Arteaga Aral Sea Disaster
507 Benson Wang The amazing, but endangered Hammerhead Shark
508 Carly Fink Causes of a decreasing bee population
509 Jonathan Youse Photo-Voltaic Energy; Arizona’s Bright-Side
510 Tyler Rohan Methane Hydrates: Potential Energy Source of the Future
511 Carson Susich Chemical Runoff’s Affect on the Gulf of Mexico
512 Yiwen Cao Beneficial Management Practices(BMPs)
513 Ziman Ling Heavy Metal Contamination in China
514 Yuzhou Cui The Causes and Effects of the Internal Variations in the Earth’s Climate System
515 Gregory Thomas Glyphosate (RoundUp) Health Concerns
516 Jacob Phillips The Human Impact on the Southern Resident Killer Whales
517 Connor Waite More Than California
518 John Friedel The Effects of Pollution on Seabirds
519 Gregory Eastwood Ocean Acidification and Coral Reef
520 Dana Dreher Inequalities in United States Environmental Protections
521 Jeremiah Ramey Migraine Inducing drugs and their effects on the environment
522 Suad Mohamed Fresh Water Resources
523 Nicholas Gulish Benefits of Wind Energy for North African Development
524 Joey Durr Is Oil a blessing or curse?
525 Andrew Tillotson Unsustainable Levels of Groundwater Depletion in the High Plains Aquifer
526 Austin Krantz Atoms For Peace: A French Model
527 Michael Caproni Hawksbill Sea Turtles Shell Shocked
528 Heather Caudill The Sustainability of Nuclear Energy
529 Mitchell Maher Effects of Pollution on Whales
530 Andrew Martin Sustainability in Supply Chain Management
531 Shiyi Zhang Solutions to Solve Municipal Solid Waste in the United State
532 Qiuli Yan Polution
533 Brian Riddick Nuclear energy and what it means to us
534 Renna Wittum Are Cows in the U.S. Causing Global Warming?
535 Courtney Moriarty Destruction and Conservation of Coral Reefs
536 Andrea Konopinski What Will The Future Hold For Vegetation Cover?
537 Katarina Anderson Climate Change and the Mountain Pine Beetle in Western North America
538 Brock Bahan Earthquakes Caused by Fracking In Ohio
539 Conolly Boughner Tampa Bay Desalination Plant; Turning Saltwater into Drinking Water
540 Addae Brooks Metal Pollution in China
541 Dai’Meer Bryant The decline and conservation of the Hawaiian green sea turtle
542 Christina Cassidy Impact of Factory Farming on Human Health in the US
543 Youngseok Cha The Marine Debris on the Ocean: Effects Wild Animals
544 Amanda Collins Cows and Our Climate: The Unusual Suspects
545 Cailin Downie Giant Pandas: Endangered in the Mountain Ranges of Southwest China
546 Brian Drellishak Hilltop Mining in Appalachia
547 Kyung Hoon Du Colony Collapse Disorder and Importance of Honey Bees
548 Sheryl Ehlbeck Designing Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings
549 Joseph Fahey Not Available
550 Richard Griffin Pollution on Ohio’s North Coast
551 Hui Hwang Global water shortage & solutions
552 Nathaniel Jablonski The Spread of Malaria Due to Climate Change
553 Jody James Let Us Be Clear About The Air In China
554 Vicki Jin Can Coal Ever Be Clean?
555 Anthony Kasper The Endangerment of Bluefin Tuna
556 Holly King How Industrial Meat Production is Hurting the Environment
557 Nick Lavrenchuk Factory Waste Leads to Water Pollution In The Matanza-Riachuelo River
558 Phillip Le Preserving the Panda
559 Ruihong Li Sand Storm Problem and the Governance Methods in Northwest China
560 Matthew Mara Heat Island Effect: Urbanization and its effect on Tokyo
561 Kyra Marks The Harm of Cigarette Butts on Medaka Fish
562 Clay Miller Management of Nuclear Waste at the Hanford, WA Site
563 Margaret Minarik How Climate Change is Hurting the Western U.S.
564 Taylor Moore Not Available
565 Jordan Ramer The Effects of Harmful Algae Blooms in Lake Erie
566 Ingrid Raphael Composting: An Alternative to Landfills
567 Amit Sathe Deforestation of the Amazon
568 Pauline Sohn Not Available
569 Esther Song Solutions for the abusement of Plastic bags
570 Nicholas Staniszewski The Chinese Automotive Industry and Its Future Impact on the Environment
571 Cynthia Tchamsi The Sahara desert and its impact on its population
572 Timothy Tully Water Conservation on California’s Golf Courses
573 Howie Wang How Government Deals With The Fog And Haze In China
574 Aleah Whitacre Saving the Leatherback Sea Turtle
575 Katie Williams Effects of Lead Mining in China
576 Nathaniel Winningham Mt. Pinatubo Eruption And The Pursuing Climate Change
577 Zengyi Xu Restore Wetlands-A Project from Louisiana
578 Ran Xu Illegal Trade of Ivory and Decline of Elephant
579 Susan Peck The Palm Oil Industry’s Effects on Ecological Degradation
580 Christina Palmer Sulfur Levels Affecting the Water of Napa Valley
581 Abhishek Chaudhary Less Beef, Less Global Warming!
582 Tranzo Not Available
583 Kate Harris Not Available
584 Ruxu Pan Not Available
585 Yujia Qian Not Available
586 Keren Zhu Not Available