Session 1

Session One of the 2015 Symposium took place from 8:00 am – 10:00 am and exhibited 165 student presenters.


Poster Number Name Title
1 Tyson Heideman Sumatra’s Vanishing Tiger Population
2 Kari Weinland The Impacts of Green House Gases on Polar Bears
3 Jared Wexler Acid Rain and its Effect On Life
4 Bria Mosley Climate Change & Deforestation’s Effect on the Giant Panda
5 Noel Hrzic Battling Explosives Pollution With Plants
6 Jackie Altschuler Is Eating Insects in Our Future?
7 Drew Jansson Military Use of Depleted Uranium and its Effects on the Environment
8 Amanda McNulty The Impact of Climate Change on Marine Life expansion into the Poles
9 Haley Surckla The Invasive Plant Species Alliaria petiolata (Garlic Mustard) and its Effects on Native Ecosystems
10 Karen David Fracking and the Effects on Water
11 Lauren Filippidis Mountaintop Removal in the Appalachians: The Effects on Surrounding Ecosystems
12 Jafar Shehadeh Environmental Impacts of Desalination Plants in the Persian Gulf
13 Jessica Rosas Torres Endangered Bees
14 Hedy Zhang Plastic Pollution —how plastic debris affect lives on the Earth
15 Allison Hose Cellulosic Ethanol
16 Scott Glassmeyer Asian Carp Reproduction in Lake Erie Basin
17 Michael Harrington Phosphorous’ Role in Lake Erie’s Algae Blooms
18 Megan Lauttamus Loss of Biodiversity
19 Abigail Spitler Reduction of Food Waste in Denmark
20 Phil Koch Reducing CO2 & SO2 Emissions in China with the ESPGD (Energy Saving Power Generation Dispatching) Program
21 Na’Imah Rawls The Toxicity of Florida Algal Blooms
22 Matthew Griffin Environmental Effects of Sea Urchin Overpopulation
23 Christopher Ott The Return of the Tiger
24 Samuel DeWitt Oyster Restoration: The Cure for Eutrophication in the Chesapeake Bay
25 Amber Long What Did You Say Neighbor? How Mycorrhizal Fungi Facilitates Plant Communication and Ecosystem Development
26 Tyler Matses The Effects PCBs have on Killer Whales in British Columbia
27 Halle Smith Effects of Forest Fragmentation on Avian Biodiversity
28 Jimmy Uhland The Amazon Rainforest Deforestation
29 Ethan Shillington Soil Crusts: Climate Change and Physical Disturbance
31 Bo Yuan Asian carp, as a representative alien species, is becoming a significant threat
32 Jojo Stephen Deforstation in the Chaco Forest
33 Claudia Hummel Impact of Gray Wolves in Yellowstone, WY
34 Adam Williams Deforestation of the Amazon and the Brazilian Drought
35 Andy Oppliger The Effects of Rising CO2 Levels on Cinnamon Clownfish
36 Benjamin Digby Bettering Bass Populations with Fish Cribs and Proper Population Control
37 Joof Farah Why build Sustainable?
38 Chase Pendergrass The Plight of the Tiger
39 Olivia Carros The Effects of Non-Native Annual Bluegrass in Antarctic Ecosystems
40 Shayna Mikes Consequences of Climate Change for Polar Bears inhibiting Beaufort Sea, Canada
41 Haley McLean Off the Map: Disappearance of the Louisiana Gulf Coast
42 Lynn Huang Bioaccumulation of Microplastics and Its Effects on Organisms
43 Pat O’Malley The Struggle of the Amur Tiger
44 Cassie Clifford The Dangers of Pharmaceutical Pollution
45 Brian Albano California Water Problem: Can it be Fixed?
46 Kelly Schroeder Are GMOs Worth the Risk?
48 Megan Bice The Effect of Ozone Holes on Ultra Violet Radiation and Cancer Increase
49 Bailey Laverty Net-Zero Energy Buildings (NZEBs)
50 Alvin Xie The Invasive Asian Carp Cause a Big Threat on the Great Lakes
51 Cindy Lin How does cultured pearls affect environmental deterioration in China?
52 Xintian Ge Climate change induced decline in bamboo forests and effected the population of giant panda
53 Connor Lemons Why is the Florida Manatee Endangered?
54 Zixuan Lin How the recession of the population of Germany can affects the environment
55 Emilee Wright Elephant Orphanage and Anti-Poaching
56 Brittany Kirkland Climate Change and its Effect on the Giant Panda Species
57 Jong Min Weon Climate changing, overfishing is affecting ecosystem in the polar regions
58 John Raiford Effect of Climate Change on Atlantic Hurricanes
59 Renee Krajnak Sustainable Agricultural Practices to Protect Water Quality in California
60 Dillon Mitchell The Effect of Decreasing Arctic Sea-Ice on Polar Bears
61 Joe Lynn Death of Dolphins
62 Hadley Jaeger Amphibian Decline in South-Eastern Australia
63 Connor Mandalla The Prevalence of Microplastics & Ingestion by Zooplankton
64 Cody Neumeister The Invasion of Pythons in Florida
65 Alex Reisbeck Climate Change & Wildfires
66 Michael Egan Poaching and Evolution in African Elephants
67 Anthony Jackson The Great Lakes Invasion
68 Anishua Mcdaniel Stratospheric Ozone Depletion
69 Edward Reilly Electric Powered Vehicles: The Future Alternative Mode of Transportation that Will Save Our Environment
70 Andy McCauley Waterfowl Conservation and it’s Effects
71 Patrick Cullinan The Environmental Benefits of Using Anaerobic Digesters to Dispose of Food Waste Instead of Landfills
72 Justin Flower Localization of Renewable Energy Generation
73 Menghan Wu The Effects of Phosphorus in Cuyahoga River
74 Nicholas Samson Potential Health Risks of Wildfires
75 Sean Umek Potential Applications of Piezoelectric Materials in Environmentally Considerate Energy Harvesting Systems
76 Sean Zdanky Vertical Farming of Vegetables in Urban Spaces
77 Zach Clark Kelp Will Help
78 Josh Medrano Green roofs as key to urban environmental problems
79 Ji Young Choe Framing effects make ExxonMobil green
80 Brian Eliason Fallout Fear
81 Katie Nelson Ocean Acidification Effects on Calcifying Marine Life
82 Anthony Pelino Waste Management and Sustainability
83 Ben Miralia Economic Viability of Going Green
84 Tony Kleem Ingestion of Plastics by Laysan Albatross
85 Richard Webb PCBs in the Lower Fox River
86 Jonathan Wade An Analysis of Nuclear Energy Sustainability
87 Alex Weiker Oh, Good Reef! Coastal development and increasing sediment inflow to the Great Barrier Reef
88 Margaret Campbell Photocatalytic Reactor Membranes
89 Kevin Gibbons Effects of Deforestation and Development on Avifauna of the North American Boreal Forest
90 Samuel Huddle Gulf of Mexico’s Hypoxic Zone
91 Kathy Li Effect of Fukushima Nuclear Plant Accident on Aquatic Organism and Human Health in Japan
92 Ryan Apicello How the Introduction of Pesticides Are Killing Off Our Best Pollinators
93 Alexandra Covault Effects of Boating on the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin
94 Lauren Barnett Fish, Climate Change, and The Global Economy
95 Connor Flood Hydrokinetic Energy as an Alternative Form of Energy
96 Meri Bedalli LED lights: what’s the bright idea?
97 Merrill Bolan Effects Of California Drought on Agriculture
98 Mallory Nicodemus Effects of 2010 BP Oil Spill on Animals
99 Matthew Little Poaching of Elephants for Ivory in Central Africa
100 Henry Dolin Preserving American Conservationism: US National Parks as Gauge for Global Climate Change
101 Stacey Clay Wild Fisheries In Crisis
102 Dusten Swayne The Costs of Marine Litter
103 Nick Abraksia The Spotted Owl Controversy
104 Nicholas Olenskyj The Damage of Polychlorinated Biphenyls in the Hudson River
105 Xinbo Yang Fukushima disaster: The environmental effects of an engineering failure
106 Aaron Bandy Air Quality and Ozone Depleating Substances
107 Xing Fan Renewable Energy
108 Blake Houseright The Effects of California’s Drought
109 Sean Newport The Use of Bamboo in Construction and Energy in China
110 Taylor Beard Climate Change’s Impact on the Giant Panda
111 Jiahao Yang Deforestation of the Amazon rainforest and its impact
112 Alec Adams Ghost Fishing
113 Rui Li Saving Tibetan Antelopes
114 Misha Shatokhin Help the Hawksbill Turtle
115 Rachel Gaylord Impact of Shale Gas Extraction on Animal Health
116 Alexander Titus The Reemergence of the Amur Leopard
117 Ashlee Balcerzak Do NOT Drink the Water – Lake Erie’s Toxic Algal Blooms
118 Michael Beckwith Colony Collapse Disorder- Western Honey Bee
119 Linnea Beighley The Great Pacific Garbage Patch and its Effect on the Laysan Albatross
120 Tyler Bridenstine Endangered Species: American Bison
121 Matthew Bruggeman Not Your Father’s Photovoltaics
122 Maggie Cantor Sea Turtles at Risk
123 Brian Catrine Growing plants more efficiently using LED’s as a light source
124 Kaitlin Cottrill Impact of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on Bottlenose Dolphins
125 Seth Coutinho Effects of Modern Agriculture on the Environment and the Human Diet
126 Ryan Cunningham Predatory Starfish Outbreaks Harmful to the Great Barrier Reef
127 Nicholas Dalessandro Ocean Energy
128 Andy Damschroder Decline in the Population of Blue Crabs
129 Piper Edie Human Population Growth Threatens Terrestrial Mammals
130 Jessie Eichenlaub The Effects of Coral Bleaching
131 Ariel Fisher Fructose Bids Farewell to Bees:
Colony collapse disorder by artificial feeding
132 Brett Harney Food Waste: Starving the World
133 Matthew Hayes Land Use And Its Effects On Local Biodiversity
134 William Johnson Greenhouse Gas Emission by Vehicles in The United States
135 Yingxiao Li What Happened to The King of Beasts?
136 Prairie Liu Impacts of the Three Gorges Dam (TGD) on Yangtze River
137 Lisa Mason Not Available
138 Ayana May Antibiotic Contamination in Bosten Lake, China
139 Ben McCormack The Battle Over Fracking in Texas
140 Ryan McMullen The Future of Nanoparticles and Water Treatment
141 Josh Miller Domestic Cat Predation
142 Ashley Monachino The Effects of Coffee Production on the Environment
143 Charles Moodispaw Identification of Noise Pollution Hotspots for Cetaceans
144 Jack Moore The Devastating Affects of The Asian Carp Throughout The United States
145 Brett Myers Causes and Effects of Declining Biodiversity
146 Bre Reynolds Microbeads: Large Consequences in the Great Lakes
147 Cassie Schindler Plastic Debris Found in the Atlantic Ocean: Effects on Invasive Species
148 Eric Schwartz Pharmaceutical Pollution
149 Landon Slomovitz Drugging Our Drinking Water
150 Jeremy Troyer Saving Northern Spotted Owls Unethically
151 Michaela Urteaga Hydraulic Fracturing Health Concerns in Pennsylvania
152 Yao Wang Under the Dome: The Increasingly Haze Weather in China
153 Abby Wilkymacky Factors Behind the Decline of Monarch Butterflies
154 Amelia Williams Effects of Algae Bloom in Lake Erie
155 Yifan Xia Shark Crisis
156 Nelson Xin Xin Not Available
157 Hwanjong Yong Not Available
158 Carol Yun Not Available
159 Stephanie Mitchell The Ecological Footprint of Factory Farming Beef in North America
160 Jayne Touati Bamboo Disparity Affecting Giant Pandas in the Qinling Mountains
161 Denisa Hodzic Not Available
162 Christopher Garzony Not Available
163 Taylor Phillips Not Available
164 Connor Santee Not Available
165 Stephanie Mitchell Not Available