Session 3

272 Andrew Adkins The American Lawn: Environmental impacts of turf grass
273 Jenna Albaugh Increase in Plastics off the coast of Eastern Australia Threaten Short-Tailed Shearwater Population
274 Bailey Ardrey
275 Will Babb Land of Fire and Ice Experiencing Worrisome Glacier Melt
276 Eva Barr Population Decline in Puma concolor Linked to Highway Expansion in Southern California
277 Julia Beckett Deforestation in Riau, Sumatra Due to Palm Oil Industry Drives
Extinction of Native Orangutan Species.
278 Carter Blossey Decline in Snow Leopard population effects the ecosystem in the Himalayas
279 Jake Bourquin The Effects of Increasing Water Temperatures and Coral Bleaching on Corals of the Great Barrier Reef
280 Bryce Boyd Effects of Climate Change on Grizzly Bear populations Throughout Yellow Stone National Park
281 Cole Bretl Deforestation in Sumatra causing tiger populations to separate and decrease in numbers 
282 Matt Buchhop Microplastic Pollution in the North Pacific Ocean and its Impact on the
Reproductive Cycle of Adult Pacific Oysters
283 Brendan Busse The Effects Re-eutrophicated Water has on Human Health and
Ecosystems in Lake Erie due to Increased Cyanobacterial Algal Blooms
284 Haoyu Chen Human behaviors influence fragmentation and degradation of Panda habitat in Wolong Nature Reserve, China
285 Katherine Chen Deforestation of Deciduous-Broadleaf Forests Causing Population Decline of Golden Snub-Nosed Monkeys on the Qinling Mountains in China
286 Nishant Chittari Bioaccumulation of Air Pollution in Megacity Delhi, India, and its Effects on Homo sapiens
287 Alexys Click Global Warming Linked to Increase in Hurricane Intensity and Frequency in Miami, Florida
288 Kevin Conroy Global Coral Bleaching Events
289 Nicholas Corso Dams Constructed in Pacific Northwest decrease salmon migration quantities and effect diversity in gene pool
290 Anna Cotterman Appalachian Coal Mining’s Health Effects on the Community
291 Arthur Davis Emerald Ash Bores Impact on Forest Density in Southeast Ohio 
292 Connor Day Climate Change Leads to Coral Bleaching in the Caribbean
293 Oliver Ding Cause of extinction of woolly mammoths in Siberian
294 Emily Eschliman Coral (anthozoa of phylum cnidaria) bleaching influenced by climate change in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef
295 Paul Faupel The Decline of Oyster populations in the Chesapeake Bay
296 Tarun Gaddam Warm Water Temperature Linked to the Decrease in Population of the Sockeye Salmon in the Columbia River
297 Miao Gao The global warming causes serious coral bleaching in The Great Barrier Reef in Australia.
298 Ian Gelal Increased deforestation north of the Amazon River has threatened the habitats of Black Spider Monkeys
299 Roman Gioglio Native tree plantations provide reforestation and carbon sequestration in the Caribbean Lowlands of Costa Rica
300 Karen Glenn Polyphagous and Kuroshio Shot Hole Borers Threaten Millions of California Trees with Fusarium Dieback Disease
301 Michael Graham The use of cyanide (NaCN) and dynamite for fishing impacts the populations of hard coral species in the Indo-Pacific Ocean.
302 Joshua Grove Rising Temperatures causing feminization of Green Sea Turtles.
303 Alaina Guagenti The Great Barrier Reef Gets Heated, Bleached and Lifeless Due to Global Warming 
304 Taylor Guthrie Global warming is increasing the risk of extinction in the giant panda species specially in the Chinese provinces Gansu, Shaanxi, and Sichuan
305 Elyse Gutschow Recent changes in the overall physical geography of the Yellowstone National Park are in direct response to the reintroduction of wolves.
306 Ayan Haji The lead contaminated pipes in Flint, Michigan are linked to a decrease in academic scores within children and the solutions proposed
307 LaRena Hamby Asbestos from mining based jobs in Wittenoom, Australia have lead to a rise in Asbestos based mesothelioma
308 Jake Hanson China’s “One Child Policy” Effects on Population Density
309 Umulkheyr Hassan Global anthropogenic debris and marine pollution impact the endangered species, Oceanic Leatherback
310 Abigail Hassell Increasing Climate Temperatures Linked to Hatchling Mortality and Higher
Female Sex Rate in Loggerhead Sea Turtle Populations Located in Cape Verde
311 Gavin Heiserman Air Pollution in Southern California Linked to Different Health Issues in Children and Adults.
312 Emily Henderson Endangerment of freshwater mussels in Big Darby Creek linked to human interference
313 Jimmy Henyey The Long Term Effects on Vegetation from Controlled Burns in the Western USA
314 Jonathan Herrick The Cabinet George Dam Causing Declining Populations in Bull Trout
315 James Hong
316 Shelby Howard Carbon Dioxide Emissions Linked to ocean acidification of the Great Barrier Reef which results in coral bleaching
317 Jiacheng Hu Atmospheric particular matter pollution (Pm2.5/10)  lined to obesity in children in large cities of China
318 Isobel Hume Decreased air quality in California due to CO2 emissions from wildfires
319 Mitali Joshi The effects of exposure to Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons on the people living in Mumbai, India.
320 Alyssa Kerr Ozone Released from Alkene Reactions Creates Thick, Dangerous Smog Above Houston
321 Wan Khairul Ehsan Bin Wan Remeli Sustainable palm oil plantation helped the preservation of forest and saved the orangutans population in Borneo, Malaysia.
322 Sydney Kimble The Ozone Hole Over Antarctica Begins to Recover After the 1987 Montreal Protocol’s International Ban on Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)
323 Owen Knapp Harmful Algae Blooms in Lake Erie Caused by Historic Loading
324 Connor Kolet Rising Sea Levels Linked to Climate Change Lead to Severe Flooding and Inundation in the Miami Metropolitan Area
325 Abby Kowalczyk The threats of climate warming to the Arctic fox population in Southern Arctic regions
326 Maddy Langell Sustainable Transportation and Vehicles Positive Effect on Air Quality in Los Angeles
327 Ethan Leighton Deforestation and other human actions decreasing redwood trees’ ability to sustain beneficial carbon sinks in the Redwood Forest, CA
328 Zihan Li  The composition of haze in Beijing
329 Toby Li Excessive Fishing Caused Baiji Functionally Extinct in Yangtze River
330 Lily Li Ocean Acidification Leading to Decline of Coral Growth in the Great Barrier Reef
331 Haowei Liu Increasing Human behavior first diminishing the population of Giant Panda’s in Szechwan in 20th centuries, and however rapidly increasing the breading rate by artificial reproduction at present.
332 Jesse Lung Changing ecosystems of bamboo forests in central China due to climate change puts giant pandas at risk of endangerment.
333 Ming Luo Vessel Strikes and Entanglement: The Leading Cause of North Atlantic Right Whales Death.
334 Amber Ly Whaling decreasing amount of whale falls causing complex localized ecosystems to decrease
335 Chelsea Mackinder Climate Change and Food Security in Africa and How Can It Be Prevented
336 Michael Maloof Poaching and Deforestation in Sumatra, Indonesia Causing the Decline and Near Extinction of the Sumatran Tiger Population
337 Jack Mangan Increasing Rates of Marine Coastal Ecosystem Destruction and Restoration Methods in the Great Barrier Reef
338 Carter Mann Juvenile Chinook Salmon migratory survival at the Roza Dam on the Yakima River, Washington.
339 Maddie Mansfield Climate Change and Coral Bleaching is Destroying the Great Barrier Reef 
340 Vincent Mazzola Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) in Lake Erie Caused by Excessive Agrcultural Runoff
341 Erin Meeker The Palm Oil Industry linked to deforestation and habitat destruction for Orangutans in Borneo Lowland Rainforest in Southeast Asia.
342 Thomas Miller Pesticides and the effect they have on pollinators vital to Ohio ecosystems
343 Sylvia Miller “As Human Activity Increases, So Does Noise Pollution: New York Cities’ Noise Levels On Mass Transit Systems, Linked To Hearing Loss In Residents”
344 Nathan Minns Golden Rice is an Effective Source of Vitamin A
345 Ben Napolitan Increasing temperatures from urban heat island effect cause expense, discomfort, and death to humans in Delhi
346 Lauren Nichols The Harmful Effects of the Ingestion of Microplastics by Zooplankton on the Pacific Northwest Ecosystem
347 Jacob Norris Ocean pollution and warm temperatures lead to mass coral bleaching in Great Barrier Reef
348 Patrick O’Brien Yellowstone cutthroat trout population declines as a result of Myxobolus cerebralis, but Grizzly Bear population seems to be recovering.
349 Isabel Palmer The Effects of Climate Change on Polar Bear’s Behaviors, Habitats, and Livelihoods Near the Shoreline and in Northern Alaska
350 Cyrus Payne Forest Restoration in Post-Mining Areas of Appalachia
351 Orin Pearce Microplastic Particle Pollution in the Great Lakes
352 Marlene Perez The corrosion of pipes in Flint Michigan lead to the problems of elevated trihalomethane, causing the drinking water to become contaminated, affecting the health of about 100,000 citizens.
353 Andrea Pincumbe Children Born and Raised on a Farm are Less Likely to Develop Asthma and Allergies as Shown in a Study in Gotland, Sweden
354 Noah Plagenza The effects of Artificial Reefs on Tubastraea coccinea (Scleractinian) Growth in The Gulf of Mexico”
355 Ronae’ Poindexter Lack of corrosion-controlling chemicals in Flint’s water services leading to nervous system damage in people in Flint, Michigan.
356 Jacob Prall Humans causing Waves of change for Southern Bluefin Tuna.
357 Matt Prazak Off Shore Windfarms Being Used to Meet Future Human Energy Needs in Spain.
358 Colin Rafferty Effect of Radiation on Wolves and Wildlife in Ukraine​
359 Liv Randall Overexposure to Agent Orange after the Vietnam War has lasting effects on the people living in southern Vietnam.
360 Milan Rasic How humans are affecting the Florida Panthers’ endangered species status and possible solutions.
361 James Rogers Increasing Needs for Palm Oil is Leading to the Deforestation of Southern Indonesia
362 Margot Rosenberg The Effects of Climate Change on Adélie Penguins on Antarctica
363 Ethan Ross Effects of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on Brown Pelicans in the Gulf of Mexico
364 Nicholas Santiago How the Increase of Hurricanes have affected Southern Florida
365 Will Shelley POPs Effect on Trophic Levels in the Arctic
366 Zach Shemancik What Rising Sea Levels/Climate Change Could Mean For The Residents Of New Orleans.
367 Chansey Shen Rising Sea Temperature Causes Massive Coral Bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef
368 Anita Shen Food Competition caused by the Climate Change decreases the number of the West Antarctic Peninsula Adelie Penguin
369 Anna Smith The Effects of Phosphorus Levels on Algae Blooms in Lake Erie
370 Nick Spence Microplastic Pollution From the Great Pacific Garbage Patch Has Resulted in an Influx of Non-Marine Bacteria in the North Pacific Gyre
371 Sandra Stanic Ivory Trade: Using DNA sampling from tusks can help save the declining African elephant population in East and Central Africa.
372 Keaton Steele The Strengthening of Tropical Storms and Hurricanes due to Climate Change and Warming Waters
373 Jenna Strong Rapid increase in sea surface temperatures cause increase to anthozoa bleaching in Caribbean.
374 Alec Talanca Agricultural Runoff Effect on Lake Erie Northern Pike Population 
375 Livie Thornberry Increased water temperatures causing venomous yellow-bellied snakes to show up off the coast of California
376 Piranat Uamliang Climate change results a change in quantity and quality of Albana grape in Emilia-Romagna region in Italy
377 CC Uche Climate Change Causing Sea Turtles to turn Female and Reduced Populations In The Great Barrier Reef Region
378 Olivia Valazza
379 Dan Varnish Lagoon Spills from CAFOs leading to nutrient-rich rivers and massive fish kills in Eastern North Carolina
380 Jayson Velazquez Combatting plastic pollution in The Great Pacific Garbage Patch to prevent contamination that affects both marine and human life.
381 Mark Wang Increasing concentration of PM2.5 affects mortality rate in China.
382 Vesper Wang Giant Panda: How to recongnize and product this animal.
383 Samuel Wilkinson Expansion and Investment in Green Energy sources in China, Advancements and Drawbacks.
384 Kit Wilson Toxic algal blooms in Lake Erie caused by agricultural phosphorous runoff
385 Jessica Wrenn Elevated Lead Levels in Drinking Water in Flint, Michigan Connected to Health Issues in Children
386 Haochun Yang The climate change causes panda habitat to diminish in Sichuan
387 Jake Yang Invasive Asian carp and their effects on the Mississippi river and other local ecosystem.
388 Sean Yao Hazards of Air Pollution in Taiwan on its citizens
389 Zisheng Yao Acidification cause mass diminishing of zooxanthellate coral in the Great Barrier Reef 
390 Wangjie Yin Decreased Arctic ice causing starvation of Adelie Penguins living in West Antarctic Peninsula
391 Sandy Yu Increase in Oceanic Temperatures and White-Plague Disease Decimate Coral Population in Southern China and Coastal Florida
393 Siyuan Zhang How  global warming affect population of polar bears.
394 Jenny Zhang Hydrocarbon degrading micro-bacteria present in the Gulf Of Mexico is used to clean up Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
395 Zhuoran Zhang The increasing of fossil-fuel consumption leads the increasing of allergic rhinitis patients rate in Beijing.
396 Yuanjia Zhong Heavy smog (PM2.5) raising Chengdu’s air pollution level and causing serious lung diseases and traffic inconvenience.
397 Jingliang Zhou
398 Owen Zhou Air pollution is causing an increase in respiratory diseases for people in Beijing