Session 2

128 Sarah Aftab Waste management practices in Karachi linked to lethal contamination of untreated water with brain-eating algae.
129 Gretchen Albrecht Tapanuli Orangutan Discovered in Sumatra with Worries Arisen for its Survival
130 Theresa Albrethsen High Influxes of Phosphorus from Fertilizers Draining into Lake Erie Causes High Levels of Hypoxia Resulting in Uninhabitable Areas in the Water for Yellow Perch
131 Alana Asusta Water crisis in Cape Town, Africa due to drainage in rainfall because of climate change
132 Samuel Ayirookuzhiyil Endocrine Effects to Fish Exposed to Wastewater
133 Daniel Badenhop Microcystin in Lake Erie Fish and Human Health Effect
134 Bri Bajakian The Effect of Chytrid Fungus on the Midwife Toad in Central Spain
135 Brian Bandy Uses and World-wide capacity of Geothermal Energy
136 Laura Beale Triclosan and Antibiotic Resistance to Staphylococcus Aureus in Pregnant Women in Brooklyn, New York
137 Jacob Bell Ocean Acidification and it’s Effects on Microorganisms and marine plants
138 Abhishek Bhatt Rising Ocean Temperatures leading to the acceleration of coral bleaching events which in turn causes corals to be more likely to die
139 Brett Bieniak No Bees, No Food:How can Columbus help rebuild declining bee populations?
140 David Bookheimer Rising Ocean Temperatures are Causing Coral Bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef
141 Nick Bos Palm Oil Plantations Critically Endanger Orangutan in Sumatra and Borneo.
142 Alex Bryant Deforestation in the Central Provinces of Sumatra Threatens the Survival of the Sumatran Tiger
143 Kaleigh Bryden Climate Change Impacted by El Niño Led to the Extinction of the Golden Toad in Monteverde, Costa Rica.
144 Joe Buonocore The effects of ultraviolet radiation on the toxicity of oil that was exposed to mahi-mahi embryos in the Gulf of Mexico
145 Kiersten Cavender Uranium Mining Linked to Contamination and Health Impacts in Navajo Nation.
146 Matt Cefalu Climate Change Affects the Probability of Dengue Transmission in Southern Florida
147 Michael Chen Harmful Algae Bloom (HAB) in Lake Erie linked to increased Microcystin (MC) in commercial fishes.
148 Che Cheng Chou Overfishing causes the population of bluefin tuna to suffer a decline in Northern Pacific Ocean
149 Katie Chung Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through a sustainable plant-based diet
150 Tyler Conaway Effects on Wildlife from Increased Radiation Exposure within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone
151 Katie Conners The Invasive Asian Carp’s threat to the Ecologic and Economic livelihood of the Great Lakes Basin
152 Will Corbett Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill has direct affect on Dolphin deaths and disease in Gulf of Mexico
153 Andrea Dennis Dioxins from heavy metals found in electronic waste in Southeast China linked to human health issues
154 Maddie Dewhirst Decreased Health in the Ecosystem of the Great Barrier Reef Linked to the Bleaching of its Coral
155 Grace DiGiulio Draining of Uzbekistan’s Aral Sea Linked to Spike in Human Mortality Rates in the Karakalpakstan Region
156 Matthew Doel Hungarian Environment Heals After Red Mud Spill
157 Logan Donaldson The Impact of Climate Change on Livable Regions of Aedes Albopictus and the Potential of Dengue Fever in Chicago, Illinois
158 Jacob Dubin Climate Change Triggered Release of Permafrost and Clathrate Stored Methane in the Mackenzie Delta of Canada
159 Christianna Dyer Radionuclides from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident causing children to be more susceptible to thyroid cancer.
160 Brendan Eal Diesel Particulate Matter in the air of New York City directly linked to life threatening diseases
161 Nicholas Edington Anthropogenic Sources of Ocean Noise on Killer Whales in British Columbia
162 Andrew Embrey Rhode Island’s Wind Turbines Makes Using Energy a Breeze
163 Zoe Farkas Increased Coral Bleaching in Hawaii
164 Gianni Fatica Human release of exotic Burmese Pythons impact Florida Everglade Ecosystem
165 Makala Fioritto Ocean acidification and it’s impact on the shell of the Mytilus californianus mussel in the California current system
166 Norby Fischer
167 Michael Flores Ambient Air Pollutants linked to higher Asthma exacerbations in children in Dallas
168 Orion Foss Overfishing influencing risk of extinction for Scalloped Hammerhead sharks in the Pacific Ocean
169 Doug Frederick Ocean Acidification due to Carbon Absorption threatens the Great Barrier Reef
170 Michael Fthenakis Countering Human Effects on Greater Sage-Grouse
Habitats from Mining near Sink Valley, Utah
171 Chenqi Gao The habitat destruction and genetic diversity loss led by human conflict causing Amur Leopard in China to become endangered.
172 Brett Geise Orangutan Populations in Sumatra Critically Endangered Following
173 Anne Gerhart Fishing line entanglement decreased North Atlantic Right Whale population on the coast of New England and northeastern Canada
174 Yi Guo PM2.5 brings threat to health in Beijing and surrounds
175 Emma Halm Neonicotinoid Pesticides Causing a Decline in the Bombus
Affinis Population in Southern Wisconsin
176 Matt Hammer How Flint’s lead water is affecting children’s health
177 Ethan Hardy Tree Cover in the Amazon Decreasing Rapidly due to Logging, Fires
178 Christian Harris Wind, Solar, and Biomass Energy make Sams√∏ the First Renewable Energy-Only Locality
179 Hannah Hartzler Synthetic Debris and Contaminants Found in Green Sea Turtles on Coasts of Florida.
180 Sabrina Helman Water Temperatures Rising in the Great Barrier Reefs, causing Corral
to Fade and Die from Corral Bleaching
181 Mark Hendricks Urbanization in the Mojave Desert and the effects it has on the federally protected Desert Tortoise.
182 Johnny Henry The Effect Beach Pollution on Humans, Marine Life, and their Environments in Jeorse Park Beach in Indiana
183 Asa Herron Freshwater Shortage is Contributing to Social Unrest and Violent Conflict in Iran.
184 Monica Hodapp Los Angeles’s extensive infrastructure negatively effects local Puma Concolor population’s chance of survival.
185 Winston Hu RBP oil spill from the Gulf of Mexico linked to hypoadrenocorticism symptoms in dolphins in Barataria Bay, Louisiana
186 Keith Hubbard Deforestation of Manaus, Brazil and Deforestation of the Nearby Amazon Rainforest Linked to Decreasing Pied Tamarin Population
187 Shuqi Jia Smog formed and aggravated by industry dominating by fossil fuels shrouded Beijing.
188 Henry Jiang The Effects of U.S. dumping electronic waste in Hong Kong
189 Chris Johnson Health of Bottlenose Dolphin declines following the 2010 Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico
190 Cael Jones Assessing the impact of Global Warming on the Rockhopper Penguin and Adélie penguin in the East Antarctic Region.
191 Yu Ju Chang Fish Contamination Caused by Radiation Since the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster
192 Matthew Kalbacher Black Market Trade and the Extinction of the African Rhinoceros
193 Dino Kalvakis Bee Population in Decline in the United States
194 Carrolline Kelly Declination in Western Honey Bee populations linked to human related environmental stressors in rural cities
195 Meghan Komorowski The use of neonicotinoids on crops has caused honeybee populations in Central California to decline.
196 Rachel Kryc Soil Quality with Cocoa Bean Production and its Effects on Deforestation in the Ivory Coast
197 Errin Landberg Increase in temperature causing the beautiful corals of The Great Barrier Reef to die and decay
198 Noah Leighton High demand for its fresh water from seven U.S. states has caused the Colorado River to rapidly decrease in size.
199 Jiaze Li Carbon dioxide released from burning fuel contributes to global warming
200 Jiayi Li Global warming causes changes in the living condition of penguins in antarctica
201 Siying Li Particulate Matter Related To Respiratory Disease In Beijing
202 David Limbert Carbon taxes implemented in Denmark help create sustainable renewable energy and reduce the carbon footprint
203 Xin Lin Unnatural earthquakes happened in Dallas, Texas is caused by drilling for oil and gas industry
204 Haowen Liu Increased debris flows frequency in the Wenchuan Earthquake Area, Sichuan, China
205 Rose Lochtefeld Potential Construction of Gold and Copper Mine In Bristol Bay, Alaska, predicted to cause Pollution of Major Salmon Fishery.
206 Sopiyatra Long Excessive use of Nitrogen and Phosphorous cause harmful algal blooms in the Valdes
Peninsula and threaten the population of Southern Right Whales (Eubalaena Australis)
207 Mitchell Mabry Dissolved Phosphorus Runoff from Livestock Operations Creating Cyanobacteria Algal Bloom in Grand Lake St. Marys
208 Abhishek Mahajan The Effect of Cobalt Mining on Congolese Metallophyte Ecosystems
209 Robert Marion Global Pollinator Diversity and Population Decline Linked to Variety of Threats
210 Sean Masterson Invasive Rats in New Zealand Lead to Decrease in Bird Populations
211 Logan McCormick The effect of the accumulation of radionuclides on the plant population, more specifically the Scots Pine Trees, surrounding the Chernobyl accident site.
212 Charles McLemore Panthera Tigris: Habitat Loss and Poaching’s Effect on Tiger
213 John McNally Detrimental mammal population decline in Florida Everglades due to invasive Burmese Pythons
214 Jane Mechenbier The Effects of Climate Change in Western China Drive the Giant Panda to Near Extinction
215 Connor Michetti The Effects of the Emerald Ash Borer in North West Ohio
216 Giovanna Milano Aftermath of BP Oil Spill of Hydrocarbons causing Health Issues today in the Gulf of Mexico
217 Christian Miranda Geothermal Energy as a Potential Source for District Heating and Cooling
218 Asiya Mohamoud Pollution in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef causing starfish outbreak.¬†
219 Brandon Morrow Rising Temperatures, due to Climate Change, Impact the Sex of the Australian Green Sea Turtle
220 Elena Musser Microplastics in ocean waters in the Azores region of the North Atlantic Subtropical Gyre ingested by loggerhead sea turtles. 
221 Ryan Nichols Political Pressure Against Grey Wolves Endangers Revitalization
222 Alejandro Ossa Giant Brazilian Otter Severly Endangered Due to Human Invasion of the Amazon Rainforest
223 Allie Palko
224 Shiv Patel China’s long term effects to reduce pollution
225 Kara Pavliga Rising Temperatures and Pollution causing Coral Bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef
226 Mikaela Perkins Mineral dust and Nox from vehicle emissions promote the oxidization of SO2 to Sulfate in Beijing, China and how this expands fine particulate matter to create a ”smog”
227 Mollie Pinckney Climate change causing melting sea ice in the Northern Arctic has severe effects on the future of polar bears in the Hudson Bay area.
228 Joshua Rader Warmer ocean temperatures caused by climate change creates mass-bleaching of corals on the eastern coast of Australia.
229 Max Raines Climate change’s impact on hawksbill sea turtle population in the Caribbean 
230 Alexis Reed Invasion of Lionfish in Bleaching Coral Reef Ecosystems in the Bahamian Region
231 Ian Roberts Warmer Climate Changes Affect Living Patterns of Alaskan Moose in Denali National Park.
232 Austin Robins Declining Population of Malayan Tapirs in Singapore Due to Deforestation
233 Hannah Sabel Earthquakes linked to Wastewater from Hydraulic Fracking in Oklahoma.
234 Brendan Sardo Global Warming is Harming the Adelie Penguins of the Western Antarctic Peninsula By Eliminating Their Food Sources
235 Casity Schag Extensive use of fertilizer around Lake Erie leads to overgrowth of algae that contains the toxin Microcystin
236 Nicole Schmauch The Effect of the Invasive Round Goby on the Lake Erie Ecosystem.
237 Becca Schutz The Life Cycle Assessment of Bread Production Shows Unnecessary Amounts of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Western Europe
238 Adam Schwegman Deforestation of Kalimantan Forests leads to endangerment of Bornean Orangutans
239 Reginald Scott Causes and Consequences of Air Pollution in Delhi India on Human Populations
240 Prithvi Sharma Climate Change affecting Polar Bears near Beaufort Sea
241 Yuxuan Song How air pollution damage human’s health
242 Brandon Strickler Climate Change is Causing Coral Bleaching
243 Corey Sweet The ice is melting fast for the polar bears in the Beaufort Sea
244 Will Swinton
245 Matt Syrvalin The Warming of the Earth is Causing the Bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef
246 Jiayi Tan Small, toxic particles in air pollutions causing cardiovascular and respiratory diseases among residents in Beijing, China
247 Della Tao The infestations by emerald ash borer in Connecticut led to the death of ash trees.
248 Derek Topp Oxybenzone in the U.S. Virgin Islands’ coral reefs is adding onto the detrimental effects from coral bleaching, leaving it difficult to tell if they can recover
249 Kali Urbina Harmful Lake Erie Algae Blooms threaten Toledo Water Quality
250 Lillian Van Zant Agriculture Fertilizer and Zebra Mussels Effect on drinking water in Lake Erie 
251 Wayne Wang Vehicle sharing improves Beijing’s air quality
252 Corey Williams  Air pollution is an increasing problem and leaves horrible health effects to people in Beijing, China 
253 Blake Williamson Why Spring Snow Goose Season is Essential
254 Josie Wojtkowiak The Cattle Industry Found to be a Large Contributor to Climate Change and Provoking Extreme Droughts in Northeast Brazil
255 Henry Wong Climate Change is Turning A Majority of Raine Island Sea Turtle Hatchlings Female
256 Ashley Worline Cattle waste increasing hypoxia levels in Gulf of Mexico making it largest ocean dead zone in the world
257 Jonathan Wymard Climate change is causing bleaching of corals and diminishing ecosystems in the Great Barrier Reef
258 Xuefei Yang Increased temperature in Antarctic ocean water made penguins hard to catch Krill and caused decline of penguin’s population.
259 Noah Yohanes Human population expansion and habitat degradation of Walia Ibex in the Semien Mountains of Northern Ethiopia.
260 Katherine Zeng Discharge of PM2.5 degrees human health in Beijing